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Top Nursing Bras Price List 2020

Nursing bras in Singapore – A baby-mama’s best friend

Life’s tough being a baby-mama. All these changes in your body, particularly in your breasts could weigh you down at times. Thank heavens for bras that hold your ladies in place. But what happens when you need to nurse your little one? That’s where nursing bras come in. Nursing bras are your best friends during the prenatal and postnatal period. As your body changes, nursing bras ease the process to adapt to the change. In Singapore, nursing bras are perfect for any time and place. Whether you’re at home or taking a stroll in the mall, nursing bras will give you the relief you need. Today, you can find the best nursing bras in Singapore online. Choose from handpicked bra selections to designer brands of nursing bras with iprice. Follow the links below to find out more.

Types of nursing bras

One of the first signs of pregnancy is the expanding bust size. Bust size could expand 2 to 3 sizes larger than usual throughout the pregnancy. Seeing as one type of bra won’t be able to accommodate our enlarging breasts, there are a variety of boob-holders you should get acquainted with. Here are some types of nursing and maternity bras you could look for:

  • Underwire-less bras – Underwire-less bras or sometimes called “soft cups” are maternity bras that you might want to choose when you are almost ready to deliver. These fit snugly on your bust without constricting your chest or causing discomfort. You could even wear these when engorged. Variations of underwire-less bras come with opening cups to nurse your little one.
  • Underwired bras – As your boobs return to their normal size over time, you will want to go for more support. Underwired nursing bras help you adjust back to the size fluctuation without discomfort. They offer lift and shape to your breasts.
  • Sleeping bras – Sleeping bras make the best intimate sleepwear for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Stretchable and soft, these bras are worn over your body much like a sports bra. They hold your breasts in place while you sleep along with a comforting touch.

If you’re not into nursing bras and prefer to go Au Naturale, you could look at other nursing clothes that aid the process such as nursing covers. Nursing covers make the perfect clothing for feeding baby, especially in public. As Singapore is a conservative country, it’s best to cover up when nursing. But if you love bras, then find out how to get the best out of maternity and nursing bras below!

Choose the right nursing bra

Choosing a nursing bra is much like choosing a normal bra. Albeit the many styles of bras in the market, you ultimately would get the one you’re most comfortable with. It’s important that we have a variety of bras so that we can alternate as we move into each phase of pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Here are some tips you could follow when choosing nursing and maternity bras:

  1. Don’t wait until baby arrives to buy your nursing bras. The recommended time period to shop for maternity bras is 30-32 weeks into the pregnancy.
  2. Your first nursing bra should be soft-cup nursing bras. These stretch with your body’s fluctuation. You could also wear them to sleep if you’re comfortable with them. move on to underwired bras as you become less engorged.
  3. Size matters. Choose a size that fits at the tightest or middle hook. That way, as your ribcage expands, your bra expands together with it.
  4. Design matters too! Much like other clothing, maternity bra designs can liven the mood. Colours, patterns and prints make you look beautiful even underneath your clothes.

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