Fashion is a broad universe that people tend to dwell in perpetually until they have found their essence of style. And to fully master the art of styling, one must know how to dress up with an appropriate outerwear. Find out here.

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iPrice Singapore: Know the different types of outerwear

A simple outfit can be made extravagant with the right match of outerwear; Or a summer style can also turn into an effortless winter look just by the art of layering. So what exactly do you need for a complete wardrobe of all the necessary outerwear? Check out below!

iPrice Singapore: Jackets and Coats

One of the most common layering garments is jacket. They come in different materials, designs as well as functions. Jackets are usually worn with a simple plain t-shirt or singlet for a more formal look yet still fashionable. Men jackets and women jackets are both categorized into different types as followed:

  • Blazer: a slim cut, light weight jacket that resembles a vest for semi formal events or office wear.
  • Windbreaker: a jacket used to protect the body from slight cold weather.
  • Fleeces: a thin layer of outerwear for casual occasions and is best for light exercise in the park on those windy days.
  • Trench Coats: these classic coats were made popular especially among the Parisians today by Burberry. The simple yet extravagant look of a trench coat still remains the timeless outerwear garment. People wear it at any time of the day and it is also suitable for all seasons. This is a must-have for both men and women.

iPrice Singapore: Cardigans

These outerwear garments need no further introduction as they are every woman’s must-haves! Cardigans are super versatile for daily outing if you need a bit of layering with ultimate stylish look as seen from the Korean Hallyu style. You can pair a cardigan with practically everything – from straight dresses, office wear to spaghetti straps top for a more elegant look. You can choose from either mid length or long cardigan depending on your inner outfit.

iPrice Singapore: Hoodies and Sweatshirts

For those who want to add more funk to their style, hoodies and sweatshirts are the perfect garments! Hoodies can be paired with a simple plain t-shirt, especially common among guys as they offer a sporty and youthful look. Women hoodies are also adored by many ladies for the energetic spirit as well as comfort no matter what style that they are following. Cartoon designed hoodies are super cute too:

Sweatshirts are more favourable by men for the simple and manly style even without any remarkable designs. Pairing a plain colour sweatshirt with ripped jeans is a perfect choice for a casual day out or keep it more comfortable with a pair of shorts for your next adventure. Meanwhile, sweatshirts can be unisex too as more and more ladies style them with shorts for a forever-young appearance. Women sweatshirts more or less have the same design as men’s.

iPrice Singapore: Choose the perfect outerwear for your daily outfit

It is extremely easy to find the perfect outerwear that suits your style and body shape as they are usually free sized. But for jackets and coats, you still have to make sure that there is room for movement, especially when you are going to layer them in tons of clothes during winter. If it is only an adornment for your outfit, cardigans would be the best choice! Go for a seamlessly thin design if you want to appear extra elegant and what’s best is that it adds on an impeccable sense of style too!

Here on iprice, you will be spoiled for choices of outerwear with many famous brands to choose from. Among the best-selling brands are 24: 01, Adidas Original, Nike, Marc by Marc Jacobs and more. Shop for your favourite outerwear today for extra savings on iprice!

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