Everyone loves flannel shirts! However, there are exciting things about flannel shirts that you should know. Read about the awesomeness of flannel shirts here.

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Flannel Shirts : Fashionable Wear That Is Never Go Out Of Style

Once associated with lumberjacks and hipsters alike, the flannel shirts have became more common these days as they are really popular even for those that are uninitiated in the fashion world. In short, people just love to wear flannel shirts because the word "awesomeness" is attached to them. Despite such popularity of flannel shirts, many still did not know how to recognize flannel shirts as they often mistakenly thought that plaid shirts are flannel shirts.

Such misconception happens because both plaid and flannel always seems to be appearing together. However, the truth is that plaid actually refers to a specific pattern on cloth of stripes with different widths that cross each other to form squares while flannel is really about the soft cloth that is made of wool or cotton. In other words, you can actually get flannel shirts that are not plaid shirts. Likewise, the tartan shirt is not a flannel shirt unless you use the flannel fabric to make it. Unsurprisingly, the flannel material boasts the unique quality of making the plaid pattern look a lot classier than you can expect. Such is the beauty of flannel shirts as they are the definition of being cool and cozy at the same time.

Why You Should Wear Flannel Shirts

There are many truths about the superiority and beauty of flannel shirts. Of course, the obvious thing is the quality of flannel material itself. Whether it is made of wool or cotton, the process of turning into a flannel material means that flannel is a tightly woven material that is soft and warm at the same time. Such quality allows the flannel shirt in giving the warmth that you will never expect from seemingly soft fabric. At the same time, the flannel material also permits some degrees of breathability as you will not feel like being trapped in a furnace. The combination of warmth and breathability that you can expect from wearing a flannel shirts is one of the top reasons behind the popularity of flannel shirts. Historically, adventurers, lumberjacks and cowboys generally preferred flannel shirts because they are warm and comfortable at the same time. Don't you just love the comfortable yet fuzzy feeling that you can enjoy from just wearing a shirt?

Despite the fact that flannel shirts are usually patterned shirts, you should not make the mistake of wearing patterned flannel shirts only. As you look around, you will discover that the flannel shirt is literally full of possibilities. In other words, you can always choose to wear something different. While the patterned flannel shirts are great in their own rights, you should consider the plain flannel shirts as they are able to exude sophistication and classiness despite being merely shirts. In fact, plain flannel shirts are quite frequent these days and can provide even more degree of flexibility than the patterned flannel shirts when you can easily wear and pair them with other pieces and accessories. By this time, you should know flannel shirts are not about being patterned or plaid shirts.

Top Flannel Shirts That You Should Get

  • Carhatt Work In Progress

For more than a century, Carhatt has been making its iconic work clothes such as vests, jackets, overall, shirts and others. Its streetwear version, Carhatt Work In Progress, also shares its own fair share of popularity with the parent brand as well when it comes to making practical yet fashionable flannel shirts.

  • Vans

Famous for designing comfortable yet durable skater shoes, Van also proves that it is able to craft great flannel shirt designs as well. Yes, just like its iconic shoes, you can definitely expect comfortable and durable flannel shirts from them. Of course, you will never go wrong when you wear these flannel shirts with their own shoes.

Channeling Your Own Unique Style With Flannel Shirts

The simplicity of flannel shirts is what makes them to be unique in the first place. Not only that, they are also so simple that both men and women can enjoy wearing them and be fashionable. At the same time, they are flexible that you can easily wear and pair them with other pieces and accessories without any worry at all. If you want to know more about other casual and comfortable shirt, you can always take a look at polo shirts.