While the clothing options for a casual look are plenty, one must not overlook the simplicity and versatility of shorts. Explore many ways shorts influence the fashion world here.

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The origins of shorts – The ultimate tropical outfit fix!

Shorts were worn by both men and women way back in the 19th century. You might have already seen images of school children wearing shorts as uniforms and athletes among many others. The term “shorts” is originated from England which means “knickerbockers”. This type of pants is very popular during summer as well as hot climate countries.

Now fast forward to the current fashion time-line, while shorts are still irreplaceable in women’s closets, they are not always the first choice of men for the level of “leg exposure”. However, as style evolves, shorts have also become a wardrobe stable for a gentleman as they have always been to the ladies. Let’s explore which shorts design suit you best.

A stylish pair of shorts can do wonders to your style statement!

You will be surprised to know that there are, in fact, more shorts styles than a typical amount of pants in a man’s wardrobe!

Baggies shorts:
This type is not exactly a fashion style but a sport garment, most commonly worn by football players. We have witnessed a huge transformation of baggies from the past till now as the Football Association have agreed on the standard length of the sports shorts.
Bermuda shorts:
Men especially love Bermudas for their laid-back yet stylish look. The pants are influenced by the military uniform as well as tailors around the world. They offer a youthful yet romantic impression for gentlemen without much styling needed.
Board shorts:
You can see board shorts most common at the beach or swimming pool. This piece of clothing is known as an official beach wear with signature loose-fitting and versatile design. More often than not, board shorts come in floral or tropical pattern to bring a chillax look for the wearer.
Cargo shorts:
When it comes to casual shorts, nothing can beat the popularity of cargo shorts among the guys. They boast extra room for keeping all the belongings like big-screen phone, bulky wallet, keys and other accessories in the side pockets. Men love them for their practical function rather than style.
Hot pants or short shorts:
Here comes our ladies’ favourite wardrobe staple! Hot pants are worn especially during summer or all-year-round in tropical countries like Singapore. Women can show off their appealing legs in a stylish way, making them look extra youthful and always energetic. A pair of hot pants can go well with just a simple T-shirt or spaghetti strap shirt.
Denim shorts:
You will never run out of style with a denim shorts! Pair with a checked shirt and ripped short jeans for the oh-so-lovely cowboy girl look. Or get ready for a summer holiday with the trending Daisy Dukes – denim shorts that are cut-offs (which is “long” enough to just cover your pelvic area).
We have seen many interesting creations in the fashion industry, and “skorts” are one them. Yes, you guessed it right, skorts is the combination of skirt and shorts. The most common place where you can see skorts is on the tennis court. It’s basically a pair of shorts underneath a pleated overskirt.

There is no fixed rule when it comes to styling shorts and it also doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. Shorts don’t limit to anyone and they can be worn with various types of tops, even bikini tops! So play around with shorts and get yourself comfortable in these awesome fashion finds on iprice Singapore!