Tops are a necessity when it comes to clothing items; you will need it for every circumstance, style, occasion, and more. Without tops, well, you’ll end up strutting around naked. Give your skirts, jeans, or trousers some company by wearing fashionable and stylish tops. The article here will give you some ideas on what tops wear to an event, specifically festivals. Don’t worry, you can also wear these tops to any other occasions, too!


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Which Trendy Tops to Wear to Festivals in Singapore

Festivals are often known as a place where people go all out with their outfits. In order to stand out from the crowd, or perhaps to blend in and follow the festival fashion trends, here are some trendy tops that you can wear. Bear in mind that you don’t have to only don these tops when you’re going to a festival. Because these styles of tops are considered some of the trendiest and timeless tops, you can wear them almost everywhere.s

Crop top

Crop tops are an essential summer clothing item. You can pair them up with high-waist jeans, denim shorts, skater skirt, or even leggings. If you want to cover it up some more, opt for a bomber jacket or denim jacket that you can take off and tie around the waist if you feel too hot. There are many types of crop tops available in the market today. This includes turtleneck crop tops, V-neck crop tops, chiffon crop tops, bustier crop tops, lace crop tops, and sequined crop tops.

Off-shoulder tops

You can show off your midriff with the crop tops but with off-shoulder tops, you can give that upper body some love. Off-shoulder tops are available in a variety of prints and design. For festival wear, you can go for a more revealing top while for any other events, a flowy, baggy off shoulder top is preferred. Some off-shoulder tops are completely free of straps while others come with thin straps so it won’t easily slide off and possibly trigger an unwanted wardrobe malfunction.

Body Suits

Bodysuits are not necessarily a top as it is more like a one-piece attire to be worn underneath sheer tops or dresses. However, it can also act as a top when paired with the right bottoms. A body suit goes well with high-waist pants and jeans, or any bottoms that rest right on the waist area. What differentiates body suits with tank tops is that they are more likely to stay in place as it goes all the way around the private areas and secured by snap buttons. If you’re planning to party hard at the festival or anywhere else, the body suit is your go-to top.

Tie Dye and Floral Button-Ups

Men can catch up with the trends by wearing tie-dye or floral button-up tops. Think of it as a baggy, breathable Hawaiian shirt but with more variety of patterns and colors. Wear this kind of tops with a pair of khaki trousers and comfy loafers. During a festival, men’s clothes tend to be more functional, comfortable, and down-to-earth than women’s clothes. But it doesn’t mean that ladies can’t rock tie dye or floral button-up shorts, along with cute shorts and gladiator sandals.