Off shoulder tops are the latest and hippest trends in today’s fashion scene. Even celebrities models like Olivia Palermo, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, pop icon Beyonce, Nicole Scherzinger, and LeAnn Rimes are riding the trend. Browse for your favorite off shoulder design below or click here to learn how to fabulously wear an off shoulder.

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Off shoulder tops - Sophisticated, Sexy and Charming Garments for you

Most commonly known as the Carmen neckline, off shoulder tops are now sweeping the nation because of its sweet and sexy appeal. A characteristic of these shirts is the low neckline, often exposing the wearer’s neck and collarbones with sleeves “off the shoulder”, hence the name. What makes them different from tube tops is that it still has sleeves, but are simply lower, showing off the wearer’s shoulder. What it does is that it accentuates the wearer’s neck, making it longer, more slender, as well as the shoulders. So if you want to show off a little bit of skin without being too sexy, an off shoulder top would simply do the trick.

Why buy an off shoulder top?

There are many reasons why you should want an off shoulder top. Aside from being another reason to go shopping, an off shoulder top would add a little charm to your closet. Giving more emphasis to your shoulders and neck gives the wearer more sexual appeal without actually having to show more skin; this way, you can look feminine, subtly sexy, and charming.

Off shoulder tops are suitable for everyone

Among the best things about wearing off shoulder tops is that everyone can wear it compared to other garments. Off shoulder tops can be worn by women from any body type or shape. Exposing and emphasizing your neck are always a fashion thumbs up since it gives the wearer a sexier yet subtler feeling, which brings us to the second reason why you should own an off shoulder top.

You can be flirty but subtle

What most women like about off shoulder tops is that it is feminine and sexy minus the skin exposure. Compared to crop tops, it is more acceptable to show your clavicle than your belly button. They are flattering to the shoulders and lengthens the neck, giving you a model-like look.

You can always be ready for summer!

In the Singapore, summer is felt almost all-year round. With an off shoulder top, you can bring out your summer fashion spirit and cool down easily. In addition, you can wear them with anything from shorts to skirts, an off shoulder would certainly give you those summer feels.

Fabulous ways to wear an off shoulder top

With a garment fit for almost every body shape and type, having an off shoulder top on your closet is surely a fashion blessing. On top of that, there are a lot of ways you can fabulously show off your new off shoulder top! Here are some great ways on how to strut the streets with your new off shoulder garment:

  1. Go Bohemian with a standard off shoulder ruffle or with a white easy-breezy textile.
  2. Make yourself taller and more slender with an off shoulder top, paired with a same-colored bottom.
  3. Contrast your look with a fit-and-and loose combination.
  4. You can also pair a light, cottony off shoulder with heavier fabrics.
  5. Rock that modern minimalist outfit with a light off shoulder top or dress.

Best off shoulder brands in the Singapore

The best thing about off shoulders is that you can wear it with anything, and it comes with tons of different designs, colors, and fabrics! You can choose from different brands available from the Singapore such as the Ashley Collection, Blue Sky, Caroline Constas, Folded and Hung, and Something Borrowed. You can click here to view the entire gallery of off shoulder tops now!