Tank tops are one piece of clothing no men and women can live without. Why? Get the answers when you read on more here.

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Tank tops – Summer must-haves

Sun’s out, guns out. So the old saying goes. With the summer days being officially here (and it being always summer here), it’s time to bring out the summer wardrobe must-have – Tank tops. Wild prints and crazy textures, long dresses & funky cut-outs, latest trend trousers, top and jackets – who needs them in summer when we have your staple to turn to. Even if you don’t want to admit, everyone here have the guilty pleasure of a tank top and jeans. Nothing can ever beat this look. If it is up to us, we can live in tank tops all year round, but do you know their fashion potential is best shown when the sun is blazing hot.

Tank tops – The most versatile piece in your wardrobe

When you feel like you’ve had enough of all this fashion craze and wild mix of trends, all you need right now is simplicity and effortless clothes that you can you can just throw on without the slightest care in the world of how you may look (but with a tiny hope that you would still pull it off). We all need that little break from the hectic world of fashion sometimes especially now, when the sun shines brightly above our head.

Tank tops allow you to cool it off in the summer while maintaining your effortless, stylish look. If you don’t know what a tank top is, they are also more commonly known as sleeveless shirt. This piece of clothing is available in a variety of styles, colours, fabrics and sizes and typically worn as a causal daytime attire when the heat goes up.

When they were first introduced a long time ago, tank tops were normally worn as an undergarments whereas today they are more frequently used in athletic sports. Used first by male gymnasts for the free access of motion that it offers, most sports have adapted to this fashion for that exact reasons as well and the ability to keep athletes cooler than any other regular tees.

Different types of tank tops

  • Spaghetti Strap – tank tops with very thin straps. They typically expose a great deal of shoulder and can be worn when you are lazing around the house or running errands or underneath a button down shirt.
  • Thick Strap – thicker version of spaghetti straps. Some thick strap tank tops cover the upper chest and shoulder area fully, while the others come with a scoop or v-neck, adding a bit of stylistic flare.
  • Racerback - Modeled after the type of swimsuit with the same name, a racerback shirt has two straps that meet in the back. The fabric of the two straps joins at an angle in the upper-middle portion of a woman's back, exposing the shoulder blades.
  • Athletic – Tank tops that are tight fitting and often come with a built in bra. Used widely when you are sweating it out in the gym or anywhere else.
  • Muscle Tank - similar to t-shirts, except they have no sleeves. They are similar to thick-strapped tank tops, except muscle tanks are always casual items. Often adorned with pictures, sayings, or band names.

Tank Tops – The ultimate effortless style choice

For the longest time, tank tops have been the go-to style top for both men and women around the globe when they look for something casual that might go along with their carefree look. These tank tops can be worn with nearly everything you have in your wardrobe, under a jacket, glammed up with accessories and even when you have nothing else, a simple pairing with your jeans will effectively do the job.

So wait no more and get your tank tops today exclusively from iprice.

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