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Your Basic Guide to Anything About Lingerie

Lingerie is a form of undergarment for women. Compared to ordinary undies, lingeries are far more fashionable and attractive, and often consists of more than just a pair of bras and panties. Lingerie can also consist of garters, garter belts, hosiery, corsets, camisoles and much more. While some might consider lingerie as excessive or a form of “glorified” underwear, experts believe that sexy lingerie can actually enhance your sensual experience, and can make you feel sexy.

Many types of lingerie

Lingerie is more than just sexy bras and panties, it is about looking and feeling sexy from top to bottom. Because of that, there are other types of lingerie which are more than just the usual undies. Here are some lingerie that you and your partner would love to have in your closet:

  • Charmeuse - A charmeuse is a type of lingerie that looks more like a dress. It is made from silky fabrics such as satin or silk.
  • Corsets - Corsets are a type of lingerie that dates as far back as the Middle Ages all the way to the Victorian Era. It is made from hard fabric that's held together around the waist using strings or ribons to create a slim silhouette.
  • Garter belts - A garter belt is a type of lingerie that holds the garters up. It is usually part of a lingerie set, usually with a corset or a pair of stockings.
  • Bustier - A bustier is a type of bra or bra padding that enhances your busts. It usually comes with a corset.
  • Babydolls - Almost similar to a charmeuse, a babydoll is a dress-like lingerie which comprises of a bra top connected to a lace or mesh skirt.
  • Body Stocking - Instead of just your legs, a body stocking is a one-piece lingerie that can cover your entire body with specific and often revealing openings.
  • Teddy - A teddy is a type of lingerie that resembles a one-piece swimsuit.

How to Choose the Right Lingerie

Lingerie is all about looking good and feeling good, but with the number of options that you have, choosing the right type of lingerie can be confusing. To help you pick out the perfect lingerie, here are some great tips to think about:

  • Choose a lingerie according to your sizes and body type; always remember to consider comfort over style. You also have to learn and consider which type of lingerie fits your body type.
  • Keep your colors simple. The best lingerie colors are white, nude and black. Bold colors such as red and brown are also a good choice, depending on your skin tone.
  • If you are a newbie to wearing lingerie, don’t wear anything that’s too complicated to take on and off.
  • Focus on your assets and don’t forget to show them off with the type of lingerie you want to wear.
  • Don’t forget your accessories! Wearing lingerie is a great way to spice up your intimate moments with your partner. Shopping online makes your experience better and easier with great deals and more selections of lingerie. You can start shopping above or simply, click here to view our wide selection of lingerie for you.

Buying lingerie has now become easier and less of a hassle. With awesome discounts, wider selection of products and great return policies for your purchase, you will never have to worry of being embarrassed when shopping online for lingerie.

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