Since its inception more than 70 years ago, Coach Singapore has manufactured grade-A leather goods that are on par with other luxury fashion brands. Coach bags for women specifically have become a staple in the wardrobes of many due to its excellent craftsmanship, accessibility, and overall quality. Coming in many types of forms, including sling bags, shoulder bags, and more, Coach bags in Singapore will always take your style to the next level.


Types of Coach Bags That Suit Your Lifestyle in Singapore

Types of Coach Bags

Most Popular Coach Bags in Singapore

  • Coach Shoulder Bag
  • Coach Cross-body Bag
  • Coach Wallet
  • Coach Handbag
  • Coach Backpack
  • Coach Bucket Bag
  • Coach Briefcase

What Coach Bags are Made Of

  • Leather
  • Exotic
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Coated canvas
  • Signature
  • Canvas
  • Haircalf
  • Denim
  • Mixed material

Where to Get Coach Bags On Sale

Coach factory outlets in Singapore will most likely hold various sales for their bags around the year. These discounts can range from 10% to 70%. However, you can also enjoy Coach bags on sale online without leaving the comfort of your homes. iPrice offers discounts and low prices all year round so you can get the best deals for your Coach bags.

Inspiring uniqueness and creativity, Coach bags come in with different colours, shapes, sizes, and designs that would be perfect with your daily outfits. Look luxurious any day of the week with fabulous Coach bags. Whether you are out for a walk, on your way to work or the gym, or simply going out with your friends, Coach bags are the go-to accessory.

Coach Satchels Bags

If you’re the type to carry a lot of things with you, either book, makeup, laptop, then a Coach satchel would be perfect. This bag is characterized by its long strap that is often worn diagonally with the bag on your opposite hip, rather than hanging down directly from the shoulder. Like many of their collections, Coach satchels have tons of different designs you can choose from!

Coach Shoulder Bags

A popular choice among women, shoulder bags are medium to large bags which are often hanged directly from the shoulder (hence the name). It can be used anywhere at any time and can fit anything from your makeup kits to small books and accessories. You can use your Coach shoulder bags for shopping, going to work or simply hanging out with your friends.

Coach Tote Bags

Coach Tote bags are almost similar to shoulder bags, except that the straps to hold on to are a little bit longer. Every woman should have at least one tote bag in their closet for general use. Like the shoulder bag, it can be used all day, every day and can fit the average everyday items like books, laptops and so much more!

Coach Clutch Bags

Bringing a handbag to a party is a fashion mortal sin! So instead of carrying large shoulder bags, take a clutch with you when you go out. These type of bags are small and can be carried by hand. It is generally small but has enough space for your phone, lipstick, face powder and your wallet and can either come with a small strap or simply handheld. So if you love to party, having a Coach clutch bag would work wonders for your wardrobe.

Coach Backpacks

Generally preferred by men but can also be worn by women, Coach backpacks are a lifesaver for individuals who bring a lot to work or school. Like a satchel, a backpack can be used generally anywhere or at any time because of its large to medium-sized pack.

Coach Duffel and Travel Bags

If you are an avid traveller, Coach also has big bags to house your clothes and other travel essentials needed to make your trip more fabulous! Duffel bags are also great for gym-goers because of their large pack for those extra clothes after a workout.

How can you tell if it is a real Coach purse?

You might have purchased a Coach purse at a price that appears to be too good to be true. Here are some quick tips for how you can spot the details on the Coach purse to discern whether it’s a knock-off or genuine product.

  1. Check the hardware: It should feel heavy as it is made of either silver or brass. Fakes come with hardware made of plastic or plated metal. A real Coach purse also features a solid zipper that slides smoothly.
  2. Observe the Coach logo: The letter “C” should appear in sets of two, and they should line up even under a seam. If the double C pattern doesn’t look consistent, then the purse should be a counterfeit product.
  3. Look at the stitching: The stitching should be done perfectly without any loose stitches coming apart.
  4. Inspect the fabric or material: Coach purses are made of high-quality genuine leather or fabric like jacquard, herringbone weave, canvas, and others. Hence they should feel smooth to the touch and come with a nice, consistent texture.
  5. Verify serial numbers: As Coach’s serial numbers may vary across different models or generations and sometimes may not be existent on wallets or pouches, it’s usually a bit tougher to authenticate the product based on the serial number. However, you can reach out to online handbag communities such as The Purse Forum or eBay Community Discussion Board on Fashion. There are handbag enthusiasts and authenticators who are familiar with Coach goods, thus can help identify whether your Coach product is authentic or not.

How much does a Coach bag cost?

As of July 2020, a Coach bag costs between S$220 and S$2,017 in Singapore, with variations including crossbody bags, sling bags, bucket bags, backpacks, and many others.

Coach Bag



Coach Tabby Tote Bag

S$ 805.00


Coach Charlie Carryall Tote Bag

S$ 961.30


Coach Camera Crossbody Bag

S$ 657.00


Coach Academy Backpack

S$ 796.00


Coach Kitt Messenger Bag

S$ 235.00


Coach Small Skylar Hobo Shoulder Bag

S$ 286.00


Coach Dalton 31 Shoulder Bag

S$ 629.00


Coach Rambler Crossbody Bag

S$ 750.00

LazMall by Lazada

Coach Elise Satchel

S$ 416.50

LazMall by Lazada

Coach Central Tote Bag

S$ 297.50

LazMall by Lazada

Where are Coach products made?

While Coach is headquartered in New York, most of its products are manufactured in the brand’s own manufacturing plant in China. All of the products are assembled in 20 countries including the US, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, and Italy.

Is Coach considered luxury?

When compared to other prestigious luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Prada, Coach is considered an accessible luxury brand. Even though the brand’s products are sold at a high price point, they are generally affordable for some income groups. The quality of Coach fashion goods is comparable to that of Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch.

Does the size of the Coach bag affect its price?

There’s no recorded pattern in the correlation between size and price for Coach bags. The prices are given based on the bag’s material, design, fabrication, lining, and availability. It’s not uncommon to see some small-sized Coach bags like clutches or crossbody bags that are a bit more expensive than large totes.

Do Coach bags come with dust bags?

Authentic Coach bags come bundled with dust bags to extend the life and maintain the material quality in the long run. However, some Coach bags purchased from factory outlets may not come with dust bags.