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Apple iPod touch prices in Singapore

The iPod revolutionized digital audio players when it was launched, providing everyone with an easy to use music player that could also store lots of music. The iPod Touch however, takes it to a whole new level. Read more below!

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Apple iPod Touch Singapore

Apple Singapore - What you love about the iPhone, but without the phone

The iPod Touch is truly a revolutionary design when it was released. It offered similar functionalities to that of an iPhone, but without the telephony components and the higher price tag. Like the iPhone, the iPod Touch has a front touchscreen display, a Home button, and a rear metal casing in various shades of colors (space gray, blue, gold, pink, and silver).

Earlier models of the iPod Touch had very subpar performance due to its lower end internal components, but the latest iPod Touch models are more updated and feature the very same specifications as that found on an iPhone. The iPod Touch also runs on Apple's very own iOS operating system.

Apple Singapore - Still all about Music on the iPod

Even with all the fancy features such as a touchscreen, the iPod Touch does not forget about its origins of being an excellent music player. You can drag and drop your favourite songs into iTunes where it will then automatically sync to your iPod Touch either wirelessly or through the use of the Apple Lightning cable.

You can also purchase and download new songs through the Apple iTunes store straight from the iPod Touch itself, which is the largest music catalog in the world, covering almost everything from the greatest and latest hits to the golden oldies. Or if you would prefer, you can just subscribe to Apple Music for excellent music streaming right in the Music app itself!

Apple Singapore - Simple and Intuitive, iOS

The iPod Touch runs on Apple's very own iOS operating system – the very same one found in iPhone and iPads. It gives the user an incredibly clean and intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate through. The iPod Touch is extremely fluid and responsive thanks to the great software.

The iPod Touch also has access to a large library of apps thanks to the Apple App Store. There are hundreds of thousands of apps that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store; games, productivity apps, video streaming apps, fitness apps – you name it, they have it.

Apple Singapore - It's also a Camera

The iPod Touch has an 8-megapixel rear facing iSight camera that is pretty impressive, allowing you to capture a lot of great images quickly. The great camera paired with the light and small iPod Touch makes it incredibly convenient – you do not have to carry around so many devices, you just need your iPod Touch.

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