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Corsair Raptor M45 Specs

Release Date in Singapore
ModelRaptor M45
DateJan 2014
Input device
Device interfaceUSB
Buttons typePressed buttons
Buttons quantity7
Scroll typeWheel
Movement detection technologyOptical
Movement resolution5000 DPI
Recommended usagePC
Number of scroll wheels1
Colour of productBlack
Surface colorationMonotone

Corsair Raptor M45 Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2014-10-06
With an angular shape that creates a perfect fit for right-handed gamers and a combination of matt and rubberised plastic finishes, we were never worried about losing our grip on the M45 when gaming. It feels perfectly balanced with all three weights in p...
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Reviewed on 2014-09-03
Nice mix of softtouch and textured plastics, Good optical sensorRighthanded only, More buttons?
On the sidelines of the Vengeance series, Corsair also has the Raptor gaming mice, one of which is the M45 we're looking at today. Presented at CES 2014 and released soon thereafter, it follows the current trend of gaming mice that use an optical sensor i
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Reviewed on 2014-07-28
Strong macro functionality, Broad resolution-setting options, Comfortable, bigger-than-average scroll wheelLack of macro instructions, help system means trial and error may be in order, Right-handed design only, Action gamers may want a few more buttons
Of course, leaving aside some interesting but specialized concepts—such as Logitech's G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse (with its wired-and-wireless options) or the expensive Razer Ouroboros (and its optical and laser sensors)—mouse designers nowadays have ...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-01
Raptor's original batch of mice were based off the company's own designs, prior to being bought out by Corsair. They were budget mice, with a very budget design. Now, the Raptor is still Corsair's budget range, but with the M45 takes its design cues fro...
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Reviewed on 2014-06-17
Today we will be taking a look at the Raptor M45 gaming mouse from Corsair. The M45 is a mid-range gaming mouse from their Raptor range which looks to satisfy the needs of enthusiast gamers, especially FPS players.Packaging and BundleThe Raptor M45 is pro...
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Reviewed on 2014-06-16
Fast and accurate, Classy, understated looks, nice lighting, Removable weight options, Comfortable and allows for multiple grip typesDoesn't work properly without a mouse mat, Laser alternative is only a few pounds more, Scroll wheel is a little loose.
With the weights in, it can be a little heavy after a few hours use, meaning you may you the need perform a nice, exaggerated wrist rotation every now and again. However, with a couple taken out, or with all of them removed altogether, it becomes lively a...
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Reviewed on 2014-06-01
Great ergonomics, Macro recording, Full programmable buttons, Very good sensor (so long as you stay away from max DPI), Competitive price, Customisable weightSide grip wears off after a few weeks, Sensor gets jitter towards max DPI, Price is competitive, but the M40 is much better value for money, eTeknix says:
Corsair is one of the best-known brands in the business, countless gamers flock to them for the latest power supplies, chassis, water coolers, memory products and more. They've built a sock solid reputation with the gaming and system building communities ...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-19
For our first full-length video review, we take a look at several Corsair gaming mice, the FPS-focused Raptor M45 and Vengeance M65 and the RPG-ready Vengeance M95...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-03
As we took the Raptor K40 for a spin the last week or so, we were also sent a companion to ride on the desk along side of the keyboard. Just like when the Vengeance series of peripherals were released, the Raptor series includes a whole new lineup of gear...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-01
I recently had a chance to use the Corsair Raptor M45 Gaming Mouse for about three weeks. Aside from day-to-day computer work and web browsing, I played a variety of games with the Raptor, including Daylight, Age of Wonders III, and Titanfall. Here's the...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-19
Corsair £44.99 $59.99The Corsair Raptor M45 is an upgrade to the , with an improved 5,000dpi sensor. It could also be considered a cut-price variant of the company’s Vengeance M65 model that uses an optical rather than laser sensor. However, while c...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-12
Complementing our recent Raptor K40 review, Corsair have kindly provided us with a Raptor M45 gaming mouse to be put through its paces. The Raptor M45 (from here on M45) is an optical mouse at its core with the main gaming functions nailed down – namely b...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-05
Aesthetically pleasing, Reasonably priced, Performs great on cloth pads, Great materials & build quality, Comfortable after long periods, Customisable software, On-the-fly DPI switch, Customisable weight systemRight handed only, Struggles to track on textured surfaces
£44.99 GBP / $59.99 USDThe gaming peripheral market is littered with brands and their offerings and therefore, gaining that all important spotlight is especially difficult because of the fierce competition. Since their entry onto the gaming peripheral...
Reviewed on 2014-03-04
Solid, quality construction, Adjustable weight system, Hardware or software execution of macros and performance settingsNo place to store removed weights, Stiff USB cord, Lack of documentation
What's the difference between a “regular” mouse and a “gaming” mouse? It's a reasonable question, and one that Corsair hopes to answer with the Raptor M45 Gaming Mouse. Basically, the difference boils down to features and responsiveness . The Corsair Rapt...
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