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Looking for the best affordable action camera in the market today? The Eken H9R is the affordable counterpart of many premium action camera brands. Check out why it’s the best action camera right here.

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Eken H9R Action Camera Singapore: Endure, Snap, and Replay

Action cameras have now become almost as popular as smartphones. These handy yet sturdy cameras are mostly the go-to cameras for individuals who love to endure the physical hazards of the outdoors for the sake of adventure. With the demand for action cameras continue to increase, more and more manufacturers have come out to make their own rendition of action cameras. One of those brands today is Eken Singapore, with one of their flagship action camera – the H9R.

Crystal Clear Resolution

Whether you simply want to take a shot of yourself in action or a record the entirety of your stunt with a video, you’ll surely able to relive those moments vividly. The H9R comes equipped with a camera that could capture still photo with a maximum resolution of 12 MP and 4K videos at 25fps. You can also choose from 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 120 fps for a more seamless video. The Eken H9R may be packed with features that are mostly available only on actions cameras from its expensive competitors, but when it comes to pricing, this action camera is not going to burn your wallet.

Made for the Outdoors

It has become a standard for all actions cameras to come with water and dust resistance certification, the H9R also comes equipped with such. It can survive the deepest oceans, the heaviest storms, and the roughest roads. On top of that, its wireless remote is splash proof and could continue to sync perfectly with the H9R even at 10m distance – whether it’s underwater or not. You’ll never have to be bothered with feeling the hard (shutter) buttons on your action camera while you are in action.

Share Your Footages Instantly

The Eken H9R comes with an app for your mobile devices which can also function as your viewfinder for the camera. You can control your H9R action camera remotely through your phone or tablet and instantly transfer the files. The Eken H9R’s app is called the EZ iCam App and could be easily downloaded from the PlayStore for Android devices and App Store for iOS users.

Enhance Your Outdoor Experience with Eken Accessories

The best thing about the Eken H9R action camera is that unlike other action camera brands that are offered with the same price tag in the market today, this has a wide array of accessories that users could choose from just like its expensive counterparts. From different kinds of mounts for different activities or situations to clips, tethers, and protective covers, you will have a handful to choose from.

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