HP Omen 15 Price in Singapore & Specifications

Aside from its affordable price tag, the HP Omen boasts impressive specs and features you might need on a gaming laptop. Read more about the HP Omen below to find out.

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Aside from its affordable price tag, the HP Omen boasts impressive specs and features you might need on a gaming laptop. Read more about the HP Omen below to find out.

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Screen Size



Windows 10 Home

Backlit Keyboard




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Cheapest HP Omen 15 Price in Singapore is S$ 1,509.29

The HP Omen 15 is now available in Singapore. The cheapest HP Omen 15 price in Singapore is S$ 1,509.29 from Amazon. HP Omen 15 price details are updated April 2021.

HP Omen 15 Price Guide

Price List by Country for HP Omen 15

Country International Price Price in SGD
Malaysia MYR 3,859.00 S$ 1,252.00
Philippines PHP 55,000.00 S$ 1,517.00
Singapore SGD 1,509.29 S$ 1,509.00

HP Omen 15 Specs

Screen Size 15.6"
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080pixels
Screen Technology IPS
OS Windows 10 Home
Backlit Keyboard Yes
Touch Screen No
Fingerprint Reader No
Weight 2.2kg
Body Material Aluminium
Storage Type SSD
Graphic Card NVIDIA
Connector Ports
USB 3.0 Yes
USB Type-C No
Headphone Jack Yes
Thunderbolt Yes
Card Reader Yes
DisplayPort Yes
Webcam Resolution HD
RAM Speed 2933MHz
Colours Black
Packaging Data
Warranty 2 Years
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11ax

HP Omen Singapore: A Budget Laptop with Solid Specs

HP Omen is one of those budget gaming laptops that you get what you pay for. It is a capable machine that can play graphics-intensive games and has a solid performance on top of its sleek and portable design. Here is a rundown of its specs and features.

Sleek and Light Design

HP Omen’s touchpad is made out of carbon fiber which offers a good feel as you run your fingers on it. Its deck has a smooth black finish with carbon-fiber patterns, which encases the keyboard and the touchpad. What makes it live up to its name is the red lettering found on the bottom of the deck, which does appear like an omen. Also, the blood-red Voodoo Logo is referencing the laptop’s name.

Colorful Display and Clear Audio

The Omen sports a 1920x0180 panel that offers vivid colors and decent brightness. As you play high-end games, you will see the details appear sharp. The Omen is also equipped with top-of-the-line speakers and a subwoofer that is good enough to fill a small room with audio. As you listen to music or play games, you will definitely hear the sounds of instruments clearly.

Impressive Keyboard and Touchpad

Aside from the red backlighting that looks inviting, the Omen’s keyboard also offers a decent typing experience. Its build is perfect, while the noise it creates isn’t loud, unlike other similar laptops. As for the touchpad, it has a grainy texture that offers a nice feel when you rub your fingers against it. Plus, it has a wide dimension that is perfect for performing multitouch gestures such as pinch-zoom.

Perfect for Gaming

HP Omen works well with graphics-intensive games like Mass Effect: Andromeda; all thanks to its Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU and 2 GB of VRAM. For gaming, expect that this laptop will offer frame rates, ranging from 30 fps to 60 fps, without experiencing any issues. Also, with its powerful hardware, expect that there will be no serious stuttering or too much motion blur.

Decent Battery Life and Software

The Omen can last up to 5 hours if used for games and web surfing continuously. It also comes with preloaded software such as Recovery Manager and Orbit which enable you to move files from your laptop to your mobile device or vice versa.

Reviews of HP Omen 15

Reviewed on 2015-03-15
Outstanding design, Slim dimensions & light weight, Excellent build quality, Sharp display with vibrant colors
Outdated GeForce GTX 860M GPU, Short battery life, Ports only at the back of the machine, Limited onboard storage, No builtin Ethernet port (requires provided USB adapter), Expensive
In the past year or so, we have seen a resurgence in gaming notebooks and just about every major PC manufacturer has its own line of specialized gaming notebooks now. Dell has their Alienware line, ASUS has their ROG line and now, HP has their Omen. Of co...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-29
In 2006, industry giants Dell and HP went shopping for boutique PC makers that built stylish high-end computers for gamers. Dell acquired Alienware, while HP bought Voodoo. Today, Alienware is still known for gaming machines. However, the Voodoo brand h...
Read more >
Reviewed on 2016-08-19
Head-turning design, Easy to program lighting and key configurations, Solid gaming and overall performance, Quick file-transfer speeds
Shifted keyboard makes for awkward typing, Bottom gets hot while gaming, Speakers are quiet
The HP Omen is the notebook for moderate gamers with matching budgets. Priced at $1,029 as a Best Buy exclusive, this iteration of HP's gaming strategy offers good gaming and overall performance and nearly 7 hours of battery life in a lightweight, 5-pound...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-26
Killer looks, Gamingfriendly programmable keys, Extrawide trackpad, Customizable lighting, Good performance
Fans can get noisy
HP acquired VoodooPC back in 2006, bringing the creative genius of owner Rahul Sood into its fold and ensuring that its gaming lineup of desktop PCs and Laptops would get a lot more style and attitude. Sood and HP eventually parted ways, but the ghost of ...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-24
Compact, flat and light, Nice design, convincing materials, Impeccable build quality, Exclusive and nice illumination effects, Very good keyboard, Premium wireless adaptor (5 GHz, ac) with great signal quality, Configurable multi-colored keyboard illumina...
Surfaces attract fingerprints, Touchpad sometimes does not recognize movements, Very glossy display, Ports hard to reach, Limited accessories, no recovery drives, No maintenance cover, device cannot be opened by non-experienced users, Battery and memory s...
The HP Omen is designed for gamers that want a gaming notebook with a compact and prestigious construction but do not want to waive a high gaming performance. Hardcore gamers that always want to play with the highest settings and more than 40 fps will lik...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-28
Sleek, attractive design, Decent gaming and overall performance, Affordable
Dim display, Sluggish transfer speeds, Below-average battery life, Shallow keyboard
This is one omen you won't mind receiving. After three years, HP is re-entering the gaming-laptop scene with the Omen (starting at $1,699, $2,099 as tested). The 15.6-inch laptop is a font of temptation, offering a slim, lightweight chassis that looks mor...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-19
Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU and Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M graphics. PCI-connected storage offers faster performance than SATA-based competition. Touch screen. Programmable macro buttons, extra-wide touchpad, and customizable keyboard backlighting.
Rear-mounted ports are inconvenient. Ethernet requires adapter dongle
Several mainstream PC manufacturers have jumped into the gaming in the last year, with mainstream laptops featuring entry-level components and pricing. These systems generally provide an off-the-shelf notebook that will play current-gen games, but can't c...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-17
The HP Omen has a bold design, plenty of user customization options, a great keyboard, and something often missing from gaming laptops, a touchscreen
The screen resolution is capped at 1080p, while the competition goes up to 4K. Routing all the ports and heat vents to the rear won't appeal to everyone, and the only graphics card available is decidedly mid-tier
HP has offered a late-in-the-year surprise with the Omen, a new gaming laptop that might be the most inventive PC design to come from that company in years.The Omen arrives at the tail end of what might be the most exciting year in recent history for PC g...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-10
Runs mostly cool to the touch even when gaming, Surprisingly reasonably priced for its class
Sexy laptop paired with the equivalent of pants pulled up over waist in power bricks. It's literally a power brick, Finger print magnet lid
Style: That's one thing Voodoo PC had in spades before HP bought the boutique builder a few years back. In the shadow of a nationwide economic recession, consumers' appetite for high-end gaming machines went on a long pause, and Voodoo soon vanished into ...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-01
Boutique looks and build quality, extremely thin and light, good performance in games, and for other demanding tasks, lovely 1080p display
All ports are on the rear-- tidy but inconvenient
This is a touch screen, a near must for Windows 8.1 and its touch-centric Metro UI and Charms menu. Using Windows 8 without a touch screen is like racing a 3-legged horse. Of course, there are those of you who boot straight to the desktop and avoid most a...
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Reviewed on 2015-03-16
Excellent screen, Relatively thin and light for a gaming notebook, PCIe based solid state drive
We couldn't find extensive control settings for the wide touchpad, Palm rest tends to get warm during gaming sessions
HP's high-performance consumer laptop is the one called Omen. Specifically, it's a 15.6-inch laptop that's made to entice the gaming crowd, though it doesn't look like a big and bulky gaming laptop. Instead, a thin chassis with a wedge design gives the Om...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-19
Interesting looking device, Incredibly fast boot, Customisable gaming macro keys
Compromises on being a gaming laptop and a productivity laptop, Poor battery, Hefty Australia Tax
Laptops are about compromise. You can't fit everything inside. Thin machines always mean less processing power, or maybe less battery life. If you ask me, the HP Omen makes the wrong compromises. But gosh, does this gorgeous gaming laptop do so many thing...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-09
Lovely premium build quality and feel; Unique design; Specs made for gaming, with options for 16GB RAM, 4GB graphics, and 512GB SSD; Speakers that go the full depth of the body; Full HD touchscreen; Massive spacious touchpad and great keyboard with nice t...
Mediocre to pointless battery life: four hours if you're doing very little, and even less if you are, or roughly one to two hours for anything fun; Fingerprint magnet;
HP returns to the gaming sector with a new laptop aimed at giving hardcore game lovers something new to pine over. Does it work, and is the Omen a sign of things to come for HP?Gamers need computers too, and if the idea of a fast gaming machine without th...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-03
Runs new games pretty well, Great trackpad and keyboard, Lovely screen,
Expensive, Short battery life, Back ports can be a little inconvenient,
Traditionally, omens come in one of two varieties: good or bad. Considering the beefy specifications HP has outfitted the Omen 15 with, I'm inclined to believe it's one of the former. My review model boasted the following impressive internals:Intel Core i...
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