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Forged to be your mighty tool of conquest, the HP Omen gaming laptop is a dedicated gaming machine that will make your dream of global domination to be a reality. Read more about HP Omen Singapore below to find out.

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HP Omen Singapore – Optimized to Conquer Relentlessly

Believing in its ability to designs reliable and powerful products that can make the real difference, HP still stands strong in the realm of laptops. When performance just means everything to you, the HP Omen gaming laptop has been designed exclusively for you to embrace the true meaning of peak performance.

Designed to Spearhead Innovations

Boasting stunningly beautiful design, the HP Omen gaming laptop definitely exudes that cutting-edge look. Wonderfully crafted with high level of craftsmanship and precision, this HP laptop is the perfect expression of merging practicality and beauty in a sleek package.

Engineered to Stay Cool Under Pressure

While offering powerful performance that can run anything at all times, it is absolutely incredible that the HP Omen gaming laptop has been outfitted with the latest thermal management technology which makes sure that your high performance is being complemented with equally impressive cooling system. Knowing the importance of staying cool under pressure, HP has designed the HP Omen with revolutionary design that separates the hottest components in strategic places. Aided by the superior liquid cooling and well-placed exhaust vents, this HP gaming laptop certainly makes sure that you will not be facing any problems of overheating.

Immersive Gaming Experience with HP Omen Singapore

Powered by the fearsome Intel quad core processor, the HP Omen is your dedicated gaming laptop that proves to be more than enough in running any highly intensive and demanding software and of course, games! If you are not even satisfied, you actually can overclock the Intel quad core processor in order to achieve Furthermore, the HP Omen has been blessed with powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 or AMD Radeon R9 Fury X so that you can maximize your graphic settings for more immersive gaming experience. Such powerful specifications enable you to play any games that you want without facing any problems.

Revolutionary Keyboard that Is Up For Any Challenges

The HP Omen boasts a powerful keyboard that can meet any challenges ahead. It has been engineered specifically in giving you comfort whenever you are tapping or typing. Moreover, this keyboard offers tactile sensation that makes it easily a typing-friendly keyboard. Most importantly, all of the keys prove to be highly responsive so that you can perform well in your games. In addition, the keyboard also possesses backlit keys that are customizable to fit your theme and preference.

Awesome Audio Adventure

With the choice of either Dual or Quad HP speakers, the HP Omen gaming laptop gives you the finest in terms of rich audio performance. Featuring the HP Audio Boost system as well as being refined by the audio experts from Bang & Olufsen, the HP Omen ensures that you are going to have a blast when listening to your games, videos and movies. Hence, the HP Omen gaming laptop is a sign of wonderful things to come as it boasts many exciting features that enhance your gaming performance.

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