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Intel Core i5-4460 prices in Singapore

There are powerful high-end processors, there are affordable entry-level processors, and then there are processors which brings a perfect balance between affordability and performance - the Intel Core i5-4460. Originally release in the fourth generation of Intel Core i5 processors in 2014, this chip still pulls its weight when it comes to computer performance. Read more below!

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Lowest Price: S$ 269.80
from Lazada
5 Offers from 2 stores available from S$ 269.80 - S$ 563.20

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Intel Core i5-4460 Price by Country

Malaysia MYR 930
Philippines PHP 9,388
Singapore SGD 270
Vietnam VND 3,858,000

Intel Core i5-4460 Singapore

Affordable Quad-Core Performance

The Intel Core series of central processing unit (CPU) have always been the go-to for reliable and powerful processor for laptops and desktop computers. Although Intel Core processors may be pricier than the competitor, Intel Core processors are typically more stable and delivers better and more consistent performance throughout its lifespan. Intel Core processors are also generally divided into three different series: Core i3 for the entry-level computers, i5 for those who want the best performance without losing out on much, and i7 is for those who must absolutely have the best of the best.

The Intel Core i5-4460 quad-core processor sits right in the middle of the three different series and other Core i5 models. The Core i5-4460 is a rather popular mid-range quad-core processor, which is because of the great value it delivers. The i5-4460 processor hits the sweet spot between affordable pricing and great computing performance.

Efficient Computing with Intel Core i5-4460

Because of the affordability and rather good performance the Intel Core i5-4460 quad-core processor delivers, a lot of casual gamers and everyday people who want a great computer tend to opt for it to manage their daily tasks and play most games.

People who want to get a computer with sufficient enough power to get through most daily tasks and perhaps even some minor video and photo editing, thanks to the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600. The processor is also able to handle most games (when paired with a sufficient graphics card) at high settings without having any bottlenecks in performance.

The Technical Side - Intel Core i5-4460 Singapore

The Core i5-4460 processor is compatible with up to 32GB of DDR3 RAM in two separate channels – which is much more than any casual user or gamer would ever need. Being a mid-range processor, the i5-4460 has quad cores and also four threads, but without hyper-threading. The processor runs at 3.20 GHz, and can be turbo clocked to 3.40 GHz.

Intel Core i5-4460 Expert Reviews

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