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Are you sick of having dry lips that prevents you from wearing some of the most awesome lipsticks available in the market? No worries as LANEIGE has the answer to your lip problems: the LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask! Click here to learn more.

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Singapore’s Number One Solution for Dry Lips: LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

Launched in spring 2015, the LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask is the answer for anyone facing dry lips that even their lip balm can’t help them with. It is the perfect solution for anyone who loves wearing lip beauty products, but hates the prep work (i.e. exfoliating your lips before applying any lip color). The Lip Sleeping Mask is perfect for anyone who suffers from ultra-dry lips (that a lip balm cannot help) or who just needs a simple solution to help with their lip beauty prep work.

Simple Steps to Getting the Most out of LANEIGE Singapore’s Lip Sleeping Mask

This lip mask is so easy to use. Just apply it before going to bed (use the little spatula that is included so that you won’t contaminate the mask). When you wake up in the morning, gently wipe your skin clean with a tissue or cotton pad. Watch as the dry skin cells on your lips disappear and you have perfectly smooth lips to apply your favorite lip product on.

Beautify and Nourish Your Lips with LANEIGE Singapore’s Lip Sleeping Mask

The Lip Sleeping Mask contains LANEIGE’s signature Berry Mix Complex that contains a variety of extracts from raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and blueberries. The berry extracts are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that will nourish your lips, leaving you with a beautiful pout in the morning. Not only that, the Berry Mix Complex ensures that the Lip Sleeping Mask has a sweet, relaxing, fruity fragrance that will definitely send you off to dreamland easily. The smell is so delicious that we are sure you will end up dreaming of real berries.

Other than that, the Lip Sleeping Mask comes with LANEIGE’s Moisture Wrap formula. The formula is made to form a protective layer of hyaluronic acid mineral that will help lock in any and all active ingredients. This will allow the skin to absorb and retain moisture while you sleep. Not only that, as the formula contains hyaluronic acid, it will also work to moisturize your lips. This formula is also used in LANEIGE’s Water Sleeping Mask.

So, if you are a fan of matte lipsticks or if you just hate seeing all that dry skin on your lips, then you will definitely love this Lip Sleeping Mask from LANEIGE. It is so easy to use and cuts out the need to exfoliate.

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