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Lenovo A889 Price in Singapore

Eager to get your hands on an Android phone but your funding is strictly limited? Want an entry level phone without sacrificing too much of your hard-earned money? Looking for a phone that is relatively affordable but astonishingly decent in performance manners? Then, the Lenovo A859 smartphone is yours to get! Check out all the offers that are in store below and read more about this entry level smartphone by clicking here.

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Lenovo A859 Singapore: Getting the Android Experience Affordably!

You can see the Lenovo brand all over the market in almost all of the sections. From low end entry devices to high end flagships, the Lenovo brand stays put in the market as one of the powerhouses in electronical devices. In 2014, Lenovo launched the A859 model as an entry level device with very commendable specs in comparison of its price. It seems to be a norm with powerhouses like Lenovo to have products in both the high end and low end markets. Analysts believe that it has to do with securing brand recognition and loyalty on all fronts to manage a steady march towards leading the market in general. The Lenovo A859 is a great example of how good Lenovo went into the low end market.

With recent advancements in the smartphone industry, devices are being launched with larger screens by the day. Though a larger screen would result in a better handling and viewing experience, one would beg the question that how far will we go—perhaps until the devices (especially the smartphones) can no longer fit in our pockets? Well, the Lenovo A859 is designed to counter that question and render it mute. Being made out of glossy plastic and sizing up to the dimensions of 142x72.5mm, 9.2mm in thickness, and weighing in about 163.3g, you will be able to fit this phone in your pocket along with other items and devices as well. Suitable for consumers who are opting for decent performance and basic usage, the Lenovo A859 packs quite a punch for its affordable price. Operating on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, powered by a Mediatek quad-core 1.3GHz processor, and with a RAM of 1GB, it’s a decent phone to be able to handle all your basic applications and play all your media files smoothly. Though you are only given an internal memory of 8GB, you can utilize the extended memory storage capacity up to 32GB. The Lenovo A859 comes also with an entry level camera that racks up 8-megapixel functionality with LED flash.

Should You Own It?

If you are opting for a low-end smartphone with decent-to-average performance, disregarding the limited memory and average camera, then the Lenovo A859 is the best choice you can own in the market. Looking in more detail of the phone, it’s quite a good deal if you regard the affordable price in comparison of the performance that it can give.

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