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Logitech G500 Specs

Release Date in Singapore
DateApr 2010
Input device
Device interfaceUSB
Buttons quantity8
Movement detection technologyOptical
Movement resolution5700 DPI

Logitech G500 Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2013-02-14
We have four portable keyboards and a quartet of gaming mice that could turn heads at your next LAN party. We put the boards through a number of performance-oriented metrics, and handed the hardware off to some gamer friends for their opinions, too. The...
Reviewed on 2011-11-15
Today I do a review on the tried and true Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse . I've been using this mouse for over a year now and I like it just as much as the day I purchased it! Take a look!The Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse is currently available on Amazon.By purc...
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Reviewed on 2010-08-24
The Logitech G500 gaming mouse has landed and it looks set to be one of the hottest new peripherals on the market this year.Designed mainly for gaming comfort and utility, the G500 continues Logitech’s reputation of creating high quality gaming periphe...
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Reviewed on 2010-06-11
Back in 2008 we took a look at five mice from the likes of Logitech, Razer and Microsoft. Each of them offered a unique blend of features, specifications and overall styling cues designed specifically with gamers in mind. Today we up the ante and bring...
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Reviewed on 2010-05-14
Engineered for advanced precision and control. That was the slogan used on the retail box of Logitech's MX500 high performance optical mouse way back in the day (Funny how I still remember it so clearly so many years later, haha). The Logitech MX500 wa...
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Reviewed on 2010-04-26
Great sensitivity, Build quality, Nice lookingAdded weights do little, A bit overkill
Logitech's G500 is wired, has 11 buttons (including 10 that are customisable) and comes with 27g worth of miniature weights to alter its heft. Its closest rival, Microsoft's Sidewinder X8, can be either wired or wireless, has 12 buttons (with seven cus...
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Reviewed on 2010-04-22
We recently looked at Logitechs top end gaming mouse, the G9x, which boasts a huge range of features and great performance. Logitech also produce some budget-friendly gaming mice that have a lower specification and a significantly lower price. Today we...
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Reviewed on 2010-04-20
Logitech has a rich pedigree in peripherals, even more so those of the gaming variety, and like any manufacturer it's constantly refreshing and refining its products. However, while the Editor's Choice Award-winning G15 Gaming Keyboard has recently spawne...
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Reviewed on 2010-04-01
Customisable resolution 2005700 DPi on the fly, Customisable buttons, Weights, Feels very comfortable, Nice positioning of DPi switching buttons and Scroll Wheel toggleDoesn’t look great, Getting up and running with the SetPOint software took me too long, Scroll wheel a little oversensitive, Not keen on the design of thumb buttons, quite easy to press wrong one by accident
The Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 is a revised version of Logitech’s popular G5 mouse offering a few new changes over its predecessor. Released in September 2009, you can now pick up the G500 for around £45. Opening the box It’s good to see that not every...
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Reviewed on 2009-12-18
We tested nine mice to find out which one is the best for each type of gamer. Each mouse has been scored, but we come away with the opinion that each mouse was well-built, well-thought-out, and well-designed. The Razer Orochi, Razer Naga, and SteelSeri...
Reviewed on 2009-12-08
Price, Customization, Weight adjustments, On the fly DPI adjustments, Scroll Wheel (ratcheted or free spin)...Weight...
Are you currently searching the market for a new mouse for your computer? Are you looking for the perfect mouse that is going to be able to give you an advantage over your opponents in your favorite FPS or RPG? Maybe you are just looking for a mouse t...
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Reviewed on 2009-11-12
Retains mostly the same shape as the G5 , Setpoint software allows excellent customisationMacro editor is second rate , Only one profile can be stored on the mouse
It's no small secret we're fans of , and so it was with alarm that we noticed stock dwindling, and with trepidation that we heard of a successor. Thankfully, there's nothing to fear — unless you're a lefty, in which case you've o...
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Reviewed on 2009-10-16
Short version: A nearly faultless wired mouse, more than suitable for everyday tasks or gaming. Fans of the distinctive MX series shape won’t be disappointed. Although I’ve been taking my time getting used to this mouse, this is a pretty straightforwar...
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Reviewed on 2009-09-08
All of the same features we love about the older G5 Laser Mouse; dual-mode scroll wheel; onboard memory stores custom profiles; requisite, ludicrously high sensor DPI maximum.Competing Microsoft mouse in the same price range offers a different set of compelling features.
Logitech might have a firm grasp on luxury mice, but the gaming mouse market is a much more competitive space. We like Logitechs new $70 Gaming Mouse G500 quite a bit, too, but we cant say that we find it an unequivocally better product than its chie...
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