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Microsoft Sculpt Touch Specs

Release Date in Singapore
ModelSculpt Touch
DateAug 2012
Input device
Device interfaceBluetooth
Buttons quantity3
Scroll typeTouch
Movement detection technologyBlueTrack
Recommended usageNotebook
Form factorAmbidextrous

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2013-04-25
Low-profile, neutral shape is comfy for both lefties and righties, Touch strip makes easy work of scrolling, Highly responsive on most surfacesRubberized sides easily attract dirt, Doesn't include rechargeable batteries
& Design If you rely on your laptop, you're likely to find a portable mouse a necessary complement to whatever integrated input device you may already have. While there are many such devices to choose from, the $49.95 Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse is o...
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Reviewed on 2013-01-07
The Microsoft Sculpt Touch is a wireless mouse that connects to your Windows 8 PC or Mac via Bluetooth. It doesn’t come with a dongle, so you need to make sure your desktop can receive the Bluetooth signal, but it should work on any surface except clea...
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Reviewed on 2012-11-07
Ambidextrous design, Bluetooth connectivity saves a USB port, Comfortable to hold, BlueTrack tech means smooth tracking, Mac compatibleNonrechargeable, uses AA batteries
The Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse is a compact wireless mouse that connects via Bluetooth and has been designed with the touch-centric tiled user interface of Windows 8 in mind. With that in mind, instead of a traditional scroll wheel it features a touch-s...
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Reviewed on 2012-10-31
Ambidextrous design. Bluetooth connectivity saves up USB ports. Mac compatible. Bluetrack technology yields smooth tracking.Non-rechargeable
The Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse is a compact wireless mouse that connects via Bluetooth and has been designed with the touch-centric tiled user interface of in mind. To that effect, it features a touch-sensitive strip in lieu of a traditional scroll whe...
Reviewed on 2012-10-30
Inleiding In addition to the newly released operating system and the update to its seminal Office suite, Microsoft also has a few new items on offer in its hardware department. We're not talking about the Surface RT tablets this time, but about the tradi...
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Reviewed on 2012-10-10
The Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse is a Bluetooth-enabled computer mouse designed for Windows 8 that retails for around £35, although Microsoft sets the SRP at £49. It's compact, understated in design, and contains a modicum of touchpad control ability. ...
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Reviewed on 2012-10-08
The Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse is a wireless mouse that connects to your computer over Bluetooth. No USB adapter is included, so you will either need to have Bluetooth built into your computer or you'll need to buy an adapter separately. It's powered...
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Reviewed on 2012-10-03
See all pictures here »When it comes to upgrading office equipment, most people pine for a bigger screen, more RAM or a comfier chair. A new mouse is usually somewhere near the bottom of the list. And yet, it's this humble critter that steers the entire c...
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Reviewed on 2012-10-01
The Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse connects via Bluetooth and is designed to free your desk up from any additional wires. It uses BlueTrack Technology so it can operate on virtually any surface (excluding glass or mirrored surfaces).The mouse features its o...
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Reviewed on 2012-09-25
Feels great in the hand and works on nearly any surface, Accompanying software is extremely accommodating and easy to use, Bluetooth, comfort, and touch scrolling all make ease of use excellentNo thumb buttons slows down traditional workflow, A tad large for travel
Mobile mice are a funny thing. They are generally either so terrible that they shame human ingenuity, or they're just good enough to use over today's vastly improved laptop trackpads. It's just a sad fact of life, or at least it has been in the past. That...
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