Nintendo Switch Price in Singapore & Specifications

This Nintendo has a hard drive capacity of 32GB. The number of controllers provided are 2 and was released in the year 2017. Read more

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Cheapest Nintendo Switch Price in Singapore is S$ 499.00

The Nintendo Switch is now available in Singapore. The cheapest Nintendo Switch price in Singapore is S$ 499.00 from Lazada. You can also choose between different Nintendo Switch variants with Grey starting from S$ 499.00 and Neon Blue and Red at S$ 449.00. Nintendo Switch price details are updated September 2020.

Nintendo Switch Price Guide

Price List by Country for Nintendo Switch

Country International Price Price in SGD
Hong Kong HKD 1,937.45 S$ 342.00
Indonesia IDR 4.940.000 S$ 457.00
Malaysia MYR 1,249.00 S$ 413.00
Philippines PHP 17,189.77 S$ 485.00
Singapore SGD 499.00 S$ 499.00
Thailand THB 9,263 S$ 403.00
Vietnam VND 8.950.000 S$ 527.00

Nintendo Switch Price in Singapore by Variants

Variants Price Store
Nintendo Switch Neon Blue and Red S$ 449.00 Shopee
Nintendo Switch Grey S$ 499.00 Lazada

Nintendo Switch Specs

Video Resolution SD
3D Ready No
Data Storage
Hard Drive Capacity 32GB
Expandable Memory Yes
Hard Drive Type MicroSD Card
Type of Memory Expansion MicroSD Card
Included Memory Yes
Streaming Yes
Online Capables Yes
Web Browser Yes
Video Chat No
Skype No
Wireless Controller Yes
Number of Controller 2
Motion Control No
USB Controller No
Bluetooth Controller No
Release Year 2017
Diagonal Screen Size 6.2"
Number of Display 1
Capacitive Touch Screen No
Multitouch No
Display Resolution 1280 x 720pixels
Power Supply
Battery Charging Time 6h
Battery Life 6h
Battery Pack No
Power Adapter Yes
Battery Capacity 4310mAh
Packaging Content
Controller Included 2
Dimensions (W x H x D) 238.7 x 12.7 x 101.6mm
Weight 297g
Max Number of Players 1
Bluetooth Yes
Wi-Fi No

FAQ: Nintendo Switch Singapore- Portable Entertainment Wherever You Go

How much does the Nintendo Switch really cost?

On its own, the MSRP/RRP Nintendo Switch price is $299 (approximately S$405) in the US and £279 in the UK. In 2020, the price of a local set can range between S$439 and S$459 at physical gaming stores, depending on the warranty. The device can be found in either neon blue and red colour or grey colour. If you'd like to purchase the Nintendo Switch online, Lazada or Shopee is where you can find both exported and local sets. Currently, the cheapest offer for the Switch is S$389 at Qoo10.

If you're on-the-go kind of gamer looking for a lighter and smaller gaming console, Nintendo Switch Lite may be the perfect fit for you. Costing US$100 less than the original version, the Lite version is designed for games played on a portable mode. This is specially catered to those who like to carry the Switch wherever they go. Available in yellow, grey, and turquoise, the Nintendo Switch Lite costs around S$269 to S$357 on Lazada and Shopee.

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite

If you're deciding between both versions, here we provide a comparison table of the two Nintendo Switch models:


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Lite

Screen Size




6.2 inches

5.5 inches

Supported Mode

Handheld mode, TV mode, Tabletop mode

Handheld mode only


Detachable Joy-Cons with rumble

Built-in Joy-Cons. No rumble

Battery Life

2.5 - 6.5 hours

3 - 7 hours





All games

Only games that support handheld mode

How much does a Nintendo Switch cost on Black Friday?

Based on Shopee's Black Friday sale in 2019, the price of a Nintendo Switch Local Set edition with a warranty is slashed by 11.3%, from the original price of S$459 to S$407. So you can expect bigger discounts during future Black Friday sales! With free shipping and some cashback awarded to the users, purchasing Nintendo Switch online during massive sales can bring you tons of benefits.

How much is a used Nintendo Switch?

A used Nintendo Switch price ranges between S$344 and S$379 in Singapore. You can purchase a preowned set from Qisahn's website.

How does Nintendo Switch work?

The Nintendo Switch works both as a home and handheld console, allowing you to play the latest and the best Nintendo games on the TV or on the go. It also comes with a kickstand and a pair of detachable Joy-Con™ controllers that lets you play with a friend in tabletop mode. These three gameplay modes are explained below in more detail.

  • TV mode - By placing the main portion of the Switch in the dock, which connects to the TV, you'll be able to remove the Joy-Con controllers to play games from a distance. You'll know if the TV mode is set up properly when the Nintendo application screen is displayed on your TV. TV mode is great if you want to enjoy a full console gaming experience.
  • Handheld mode - Attach the Joy-Cons to the edges of the display to play Nintendo games in handheld mode. This game mode is best for playing single-player Nintendo games that don't require an Internet connection, as you can play wherever you like.
  • Tabletop mode - In this gameplay mode, the display is detached from the Joy-Cons and is propped up on a table or any flat surface. Tabletop mode is great for multiplayer, as users can play against one another by using one Joy-Con each.

Can Japan Nintendo switch be used in Singapore?

Definitely! Nintendo Switch purchased in Japan can be used in Singapore as it is a region-free device. This means that the gaming console allows you to play games purchased from foreign countries but with a limitation in the language unless the game is developed with multiple language options. When purchasing a game, do also take note of the regions that the game can be supported in. For instance, if the game is only supported in the US and Canada, then it will not work in Singapore.

Is Nintendo Switch a good investment?

Being super affordable and portable, the Nintendo Switch console is a worthwhile investment that is sure to accompany you for years. The Switch is the best platform on which you can have access to many of the best games created by Nintendo, including the ones that will bring back your childhood memories. Even as you get tired of playing the same games, you can anticipate the monthly release of a new Nintendo game. For someone who commutes or travels often, the Nintendo Switch can be a source of entertainment that keeps you occupied other than watching Netflix or reading a book.

As for Nintendo’s new release, it is rumoured that the company will release a replacement for the current Nintendo Switch, named the Nintendo Switch 2 or Nintendo Switch Pro. Experts have predicted that the console can possibly be launched in 2021. Time to save up for the upcoming Switch!

Can I play movies on Nintendo switch?

Of course you can! While it’s not possible to stream Netflix on Nintendo Switch, you can access the Youtube app and Movies Anywhere on the device to enjoy your favourite films.

Do you need WiFi for Nintendo switch?

No, you don’t need WiFi to play games on the Nintendo Switch. That said, the device requires WiFi connection when you set it up and link your Nintendo account to the Nintendo store, download new games via the Nintendo store, as well as run software updates to keep your device system up to date.

What games are free on Nintendo switch?

With a vast library of more than 2,000 games to choose from, it may be hard to decide on what games to download for free in the beginning. While you’re getting geared up for a thrilling gaming session, here we recommend some free yet fun games you can try your hand at on Nintendo Switch:

  • Fallout Shelter
  • Fortnite
  • Paladins
  • Pokemon Quest
  • Asphalt 9: Legends
  • Dauntless
  • Deltarune Chapter 1
  • Super Kirby Clash
  • Warframe
  • Warface
  • Zaccaria Pinball
  • Smite

What is the cheapest price for Nintendo switch?

As of September 2020, the cheapest Switch price in Singapore is S$279.00, which is the price of an export edition of Nintendo Switch Lite, available in Yellow, Turquoise, Gray or Pokemon on Shopee Singapore.

Where can I sell my Switch?

You may choose to sell your Switch on online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Carousell, and eBay. Another option is to sell your Switch to Qisahn. Depending on the condition and warranty of your gaming console, you can get paid from S$220 to S$280 for a local working Nintendo Switch set.

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Reviewed on 2017-03-08
The Switch's dock and the Joy-Con Grip are little more than two simple pieces of plastic that allow this handheld to dress up like a home console. The dock itself is as barebones as can be; it's essentially just a combination HDMI and USB passthrough/char...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-02
The weirdness starts at the very beginning. Each individual game is introduced with a fairly well-produced live-action trailer-slash-tutorial that gives you an idea of the overall tone and mechanics. They're color coordinated and neatly cut, but seem to b...
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Reviewed on 2020-09-05
A handheld console and home console in one, Games tend to favor style over graphics, Has an affordable variant
(and Joy Con Grip) take time getting used to, unlike the PS4 Pro controller—especially if you have big hands; otherwise playing games isn't an issue. The console has three modes: Big Screen, handheld, and tabletop mode. Slide the game console onto the doc...
An experience that no other console can offer, the Switch can go from a home console to a handheld in one swift movement. Being able to play Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda Breath of the Wild on the go has never felt so good.Let's start this Nintendo Switch rev...
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Reviewed on 2019-12-18
Hybrid design - functions as handheld and home console, Excellent exclusive games
Third-party support still lacking, Bare-bones online service, Least powerful console on the market
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Reviewed on 2019-11-28
Three play modes make it convenient to use whereve, Excellent variety of available game, Smartly designed controls
Graphics are worse than rivals' offering, Online membership features are inconsistent across game, Battery life of original model is short
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Extremely portable, Great for local multiplayer, Relatively low cost
Graphics aren't as good as other consoles, Lackluster online service, No Ethernet port, Wi-Fi only
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Reviewed on 2019-03-07
Conveniently lets you game on the go and at home, Has a strong selection of first party titles and choice indies, Online service is cheaper than the competition
Needs more third-party titles, Multiplayer voice chatting is wonkier than other consoles, Still no Bluetooth headphone support
The Nintendo Switch is no Wii U -- we knew that much when we reviewed it on March 1st, 2017. Its portable design lets you play your games anywhere, and it seamlessly turns into a home console when you dock it, something that still feels magical today. Bes...
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You don't need me to tell you that the Nintendo Switch is a blockbuster success; all you need to do is look at the numbers. 13 months after its debut, Nintendo's new console has sold about 18 million units, putting the company's profits up 500% year-over-...
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What I love: My favorite thing about the Switch is that it goes where I go. I barely have time to sit in front of my PS4 or Xbox One at home these days, but I've dumped countless hours into Breath of the Wild, Arms and Splatoon 2 on planes, subways and we...
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Reviewed on 2017-07-24
I have a PlayStation 4 Pro and an Xbox One S attached to my oversized 65-inch 4K television. I haven't touched either of them since I got my Nintendo Switch.At this point, it seems silly to enumerate all of the reasons why the Switch is great. It's not ju...
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Reviewed on 2017-05-02
Seamless transition from docked to mobile and vice versa, Zelda is as good as advertised, Lightweight design prevents fatigue from setting in, Bright and vibrant 6.2-inch display, Storage is expandable, Controls are comfortable, Just plain fun
Weak launch lineup outside of Zelda, Wrist-strap needs a redesign, Dated processor from the get-go, Only 32GB of built-in storage
When I first heard about Nintendo 's plan to build a hybrid console, I thought it was a long shot. And truthfully, it was. But I also reckoned the response to a 2-in-1 console (or 3-in-1 if you count tabletop mode, as Nintendo does) would ultimately be lu...
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