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Nokia 3310 prices in Singapore

The Nokia 3310 is a timeless phone that can do what it does best – be a cell phone. It’s highly sought after due to its build and function, which can endure centuries of evolution, literally. If you want to feel nostalgic or you simply want to have this phone in your antique collection! You can check it out right here!

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Nokia 3310 Price by Country

Indonesia IDR 88,000
Malaysia MYR 88
Philippines PHP 2,995
Thailand THB 4,551
Vietnam VND 250,000

The Father of the Modern Day Mobile Phones

Nokia is one of the biggest and long-running brands of smartphones in the market today. It’s even the tech giant that paved the way for smartphones to be what it is now. And, among its notable smartphones from the past, there’s only one that really resonates until now – the Nokia 3310.

Built to Last

It’s not bad to take this idea literally when talking about the Nokia 3310. The phone is literally built to endure even the harshest environment and still perform at its 100 percent. This phone was designed and developed in Nokia’s Copenhagen site in Denmark. This phone is sturdy and compact which sports a slightly rounded shape which is rectangular, thus making it fit easily into your grip. The Nokia 3310’s entire body is as solid and as tough as you could get from a smartphone. The Nokia 3310 is known to be reasonably durable due its construction and casing.

Features That Started It All

Then Nokia 3310 was known for having a cool set of features which are rare to its competitors during its time of release and has introduced some of the most iconic games in mobile gaming history: Space Impact and Snake. The Snake series most especially has been Nokia’s trademark game since the release of its 5510 in the 90’s. On top of that, it’s among the first few phones which included utility features such as a stopwatch, calculator, Nokia network, reminder functions, and ringtone composer. One of the major features that catapulted this phone into the limelight is its ability to accommodate long SMS, allowing up to 459 characters maximum in a single message.

Display Made for Communication

This phone features 84x48 pixel which is plain monochrome display. The screen can accommodate 4 rows of texting. It also comes with a removable battery that comes in a variety of capacity (sold separately). Its screen is backlit with white fluorescent bulbs underneath its screen.

Physical Customization

The Nokia 3310 can easily be customized with interchangeable housing, which features thousands of different designs which are manufactured by Nokia and many other mobile accessory brands.

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