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Experience a whole new level of responsiveness, tactility, and speed with the Razer Blackwidow gaming keyboard. The Blackwidow is a mechanical keyboard that utilizes Razer’s very own in-house designed mechanical switches that are optimized for gaming with lower actuation force and height. Read more about this gaming keyboard here.

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Razer Mechanical Switches - For your Gaming Needs

The Razer Blackwidow isn’t just your ordinary membrane keyboard. It is a mechanical keyboard that utilizes mechanical key switches to give the gamer a whole new experience when it comes to gaming or even during work. Razer utilizes their very own mechanical switches that are designed in-house to provide the best experience when it comes to gaming; these switches are designed with an actuation force that is optimized for gaming as well as a lower actuation distance for faster responsiveness.

The Razer Blackwidow comes in two different Razer mechanical switches: The Razer Green switch which is a tactile switch that gives off a loud click whenever it is actuated; and the Razer Orange switch, which is also tactile but is silent instead. The two switches work just as well and is entirely up to the gamer’s preference of having a clicky or silent switch.

10-key Roll-Over Gaming Mode

A lot of keyboards have an issue when it comes to gaming: If a certain number of keys are pressed down at the same time, the keyboard may not recognize them all - which is an issue during intense gaming sessions. The Razer Blackwidow however, has a “Gaming Mode” with 10-key rollover so that up to 10 keys can be pressed down and recognized simultaneously by the keyboard; ensuring total command of the game.

5 Macro Keys

The Razer Blackwidow is a fully programmable keyboard. Each single key can be remapped to another key or a set of different keys, allowing total control of the keyboard by the gamer. The Blackwidow also has an additional column of 5 macro keys on the left side, which is within quick reach if the hand is at the “WASD” position. The keys can be mapped to launch programs or to any macro sets for an advantage in-game.

USB and Audio Pass Through

As if\ the keyboard isn’t already full of great conveniences, the bottom right of the keyboard has an audio and USB pass through. The USB pass through allows gamers to plug in their flash drives or even their mouse for quicker and more convenient access. The audio pass also totally negates the need for reaching around the back of the computer to plug in their headphones.

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