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Samsung SM951 256GB Price in Singapore

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Specs of Samsung SM951 256GB

Samsung SM951 256GB Specs

Release Date in Singapore
ModelSM951 256GB
DateFeb 2015
SSD form factorM.2
Solid-state drive capacity256 GB
Solid-state drive interfacePCI Express 3.0
Read speed2150 MB/s
Write speed1500 MB/s
Mean time between failures (MTBF)1500000 h

Reviews of Samsung SM951 256GB
Reviewed on 2016-12-05
Never being satisfied with the latest and greatest solid state drives, a wonder component a few years ago, Hardwareslave have been looking for something a little bit special. Step in PCIe SSD drives and for most the price isn't going to be achievable, but...
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Reviewed on 2016-08-17
Speed Freaks: Fast; compact; great for laptops. (-) Speed Limits: High price per GB; limited capacities; BIOS support for booting; OEM-only.Last week, we posted our new SSD test suite and set our baseline expectations. Our baseline SSDs consist of one...
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Reviewed on 2016-02-11
This may be one of the last RAID report articles I write about client-based hardware. New enterprise strategies like object storage and software-defined storage allow for array-like systems without the added expense of dedicated hardware. Intel added supp...
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Reviewed on 2015-09-29
Intel's SSD 750 is awesome , but there are a few limitations. The biggest issue is price: The smallest version is 400GB and costs just under $400 , while the larger 800GB and 1.2TB models double and triple the capacity and price. There are other potential...
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Reviewed on 2015-08-04
This M.2 drive first saw the light of day at Samsung's annual shindig, the SSD Global Summit, which took place, in South Korea, last July. When it was first announced, the company claimed it would be the world's first NVMe SSD for the PC, but that idea go...
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Reviewed on 2015-07-28
This is not the case for the SM951.The SM951 is not just faster than the 850 EVO. It's faster than three 850 EVOs at once. It's a difference you'll feel all day long, from boot time to Photoshop, never mind loading game levels and the other obvious advant...
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Reviewed on 2015-07-02
Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to review the Samsung SM951 512GB AHCI PCIe SSD. In the review, I noted that Samsung had originally told us that the SM951 would feature the NVMe protocol, but when it was launched earlier this year, it was only av...
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Reviewed on 2015-07-01
PCIe and especially NVMe SSDs are without a doubt the hot topic in the SSD industry at the moment. There are still only a handful of drives on the retail market, but as we saw at Computex a few weeks ago, everyone is working closely on their PCIe designs...
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Reviewed on 2015-06-17
PC enthusiasts give little credence to arbitrary product segmentation. We want the best parts, and we don't care if they were never meant for our machines. From time to time, this desire has driven us to adopt enterprise-grade hardware with more brawn tha...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-29
This report is very similar. If we look at PCs, perhaps the three most valuable components are the CPU, memory and storage. The CPU and DRAM memory have jumped ahead like rabbits while memory has always moved at a snail's pace. Today is a new day. For the...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-25
Introduction Technical Specifications Accessories, Warranty and Pricing SSD 750 Series 400GB and SM951 512GB Comparison A Closer Look at Intel SSD 750 Series Sequential Read Sequential Write Random Read Random Write 80% Read Sequential Mixed Work...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-20
SPECIFICATIONS, PRICING, AND AVAILABILITYThe Samsung SM951 NVMe SSD is the first M.2 NVMe SSD out and has very similar specs to its AHCI brother. It comes in an M.2 2280 form factor and utilizes the PCIe 3.0 x4 interface. It comes in three capacities, 128...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-18
Designed for ultra-slim notebook PCs and workstations, the Samsung SM951-NVMe is the industry's first M.2 NVMe PCIe to hit the market. Samsung has been offering an AHCI-based PCIe 3.0 version of its SM951 line for several months now. With this new highly-...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-14
During last year's Samsung SSD Global Summit, Samsung made some pretty big announcements. Among them was the introduction of 3D V-NAND to the consumer market and the introduction of the Samsung 850 PRO, but they also introduced some future products includ...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-12
It's been quite some time since our last SSD roundup and we hadn't seen much need for one until recently. SSD technology grew stale after saturating the SATA 6Gb/s bus, bringing mostly minor improvements in recent memory and making up for it with price cu...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-12
Now, fast forward to 2015. A few weeks ago we took a look at a very fast consumer M.2 SSD, the Kingston HyperX Predator . It offers consumers great speeds as well as endurance, surpassing that of the XP941. Not only that, but it is easily bootable in almo...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-11
Introduction Technical Specifications Pricing And Accessories A Closer Look At The SM951 SSDs Sequential Read Sequential Write Random Read Random Write Mixed Workloads 128KB Sequential Mixed-Workload Steady State Performance 4K Random Write Stea...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-01
The Samsung SM951 AHCI M.2 PCIe SSDs might be the most talked about enthusiast SSD at this moment, but what about the Samsung SM951 NVMe drives? If you thought the OEM-only Samsung SM951 AHCI drives was tough to purchase you will likely lose some hair try...
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Reviewed on 2015-04-27
Help support Bare Feats by clicking our Apple display ads or THIS Apple USA link when ordering any Apple product or Apple compatible product.Live outside the USA? No problem. We are also an affiliate of these Apple Stores:PowerMax not only sells new and u...
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Reviewed on 2015-04-24
The Samsung SM951 M.2 is a high-performance, low-powered PCIe SSD that is designed for use in both ultra-slim notebook PCs and workstations. The SM951 is very similar to the HP Z Turbo drive that we reviewed inside the HP Z620 in both specifications and p...
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