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Sony LEGO The Lord of the Rings PS3 Specs

Release Date in Singapore
ModelLEGO The Lord of the Rings, PS3
DateDec 2013
Game editionBasic
PlatformPlayStation 3
GenreAction / Adventure
ESRB ratingE10+ (Everyone 10+)
DeveloperTT Games
Release date (DD/MM/YYYY)23.11.2012
PEGI rating7
Multiplayer modeYes

Reviews of Sony LEGO The Lord of the Rings PS3
Reviewed on 2012-12-18
Though it was a pretty poorly kept secret up until that point, Burbank-based Warner Brothers Studio took the opportunity of the 2012 E3 Expo in Los Angeles to announce the Lego: The Lord of the Rings game. Out just in time for the release of the first...
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Reviewed on 2012-11-28
Despite being released nine years after the final film, the memories are still strong enough to make the latest tie-in feel like a relevant entry to the series rather than a late cash-in. I'm sure the upcoming release of the first Hobbit movie has nothing...
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Reviewed on 2012-11-28
It’s no secret that I have some fondness for the LEGO games developed by Traveller’s Tales/TT Games, and outside of a few bad eggs, they've been some of the most consistently fun single player and co-op experiences on this generation of hardware. LEGO ...
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Reviewed on 2012-11-13
The LEGO video games impressed a lot of us back when LEGO Star Wars first came out. But through the years, the series started settling into a routine, and it wasn’t long before each new addition to the series started feeling like a reskinned version of...
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Reviewed on 2013-11-13
Lego The Lord of the Rings faithfully follows the storyline of the movies, but adds tons of puzzle-solving gameplay, and plenty of replay value by letting you revisit areas in free-play mode
Neither of the two control system options are perfect, which can be frustrating at times
Lego The Lord of the Rings brings the epic adventure from the movie trilogy into the world of Lego games. Like many of the Lego movie tie-in games, it's faithful to the over-arching storyline while adding tons of puzzle solving, cute characters, and a sen...
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