Sony PlayStation 4 Price in Singapore & Specifications

There is no other better way to relax than leaning back on your couch and playing a few games after a long day of hustle. What’s better is when you can sit back and play your favourite games on the powerful Sony PlayStation 4 equipped with fantastic graphical capabilities! Read more about the Playstation 4 below.

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There is no other better way to relax than leaning back on your couch and playing a few games after a long day of hustle. What’s better is when you can sit back and play your favourite games on the powerful Sony PlayStation 4 equipped with fantastic graphical capabilities! Read more about the Playstation 4 below.

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x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8 Cores

Storage Size


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Cheapest Sony PlayStation 4 Price in Singapore is S$ 460.00

The Sony PlayStation 4 is now available in Singapore. The cheapest Sony PlayStation 4 price in Singapore is S$ 460.00 from Shopee. Sony PlayStation 4 price details are updated April 2021.

Sony PlayStation 4 Price Guide

Price List by Country for Sony PlayStation 4

Country International Price Price in SGD
Indonesia IDR 3.000.000 S$ 274.00
Malaysia MYR 1,100.00 S$ 356.00
Philippines PHP 18,000.00 S$ 495.00
Singapore SGD 460.00 S$ 460.00
Thailand THB 11,900 S$ 504.00
Vietnam VND 5.881.533 S$ 338.00

Sony PlayStation 4 Price in Singapore by Variants

Variants Price Store
Sony PlayStation 4 500GB Black Offer unavailable
Sony PlayStation 4 500GB White Offer unavailable
Sony PlayStation 4 1TB Black Offer unavailable
Sony PlayStation 4 1TB White Offer unavailable

Models Similar to Sony PlayStation 4 in Singapore

Models Price Store
Sony PlayStation 4 S$ 460.00 Shopee
Microsoft Xbox One X S$ 799.00 Qoo10

Sony PlayStation 4 Specs

CPU x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8 Cores
Processor Core Octa Core
Image & Video
Resolution HD
Frame Rate 60fps
Storage Size 500GB
Expandable Memory No
Hard Drive Type HDD
Memory Expansion SSD
Networking Ethernet
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth Version Yes
Battery Life 8h
Max Players 2
Controller Type Bluetooth controller
Controller Features Voice control
Charging Time 4h
Weight 2798g
Dimensions (W x H x D) 274 x 304.8 x 53.3mm
Colour Black
Packaging Content
Product Type Console
Controller Included 2
Streaming Yes
Web Browser Yes

Sony Playstation 4 Singapore: Price, Specs, Features

Sony PS4 Singapore – The Next-generation in Gaming

The Sony PlayStation 4 is an eighth-generation video game console that was first released at the end of 2013. Continuing the trend of Sony's standard-setting line of PlayStation consoles, the PlayStation 4 brings powerful specifications and capabilities to deliver high definition immersive gaming into your living room. Clad in a matte finish in the shape of a parallelogram, the PlayStation 4 also adds some modern aesthetics to your room.

Powering the PS4 is AMD's next-generation Radeon-based graphics processing unit which runs at 1.84 teraflops of processing power, paired with up to 8GB of DDR5 RAM. Your video games load quickly and look incredible on the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 also comes in two different storage configurations: 500GB hard disk or 1TB hard disk for all of your storage needs. Users will be happy to know that the hard disk is user-replaceable as well.

Exclusive PlayStation 4 Games

The PlayStation 4 has an abundance of great video games that truly push the machine to its operating limits, all the while delivering consistent performance throughout. But what makes the PlayStation stand out so much more from other gaming platforms is its great library of exclusive video games.

Being an exclusive video game means that there are no other gaming platforms having the same video game! Among the many great exclusive PlayStation 4 games include Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, The Last Guardian, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Many of these games are also longtime PlayStation exclusive franchises, having been developed for PlayStation consoles for many years.

The PlayStation 4 Controller, the DualShock 4

The PlayStation controller is as iconic as the PlayStation console itself. The name DualShock was first implemented with the PlayStation 1's controller, as the name symbolises the controller's vibrating rumble motors which give the controllers physical feedback in games. The DualShock 4 however, is the culmination of many years of innovation with the controllers, resulting in the most ergonomic controller yet from PlayStation.

The DualShock 4 is wider than the previous controllers – which mainly shares a similar design; the widening is to fit in two new features of the controller: the touchpad on the top and a light bar at the back. The touchpad adds a new layer of control to the PlayStation 4, allowing for control of a cursor in the browser and also in-game features such as opening a menu. The light bar is meant to interact with the PlayStation camera and also in-game actions, such as showing off police sirens and lights in GTA V.

PS4 in Singapore

You can either purchase the gaming console on Shopee or Qoo10 Singapore. Coming in either 500GB or 1TB storage, it is available in black and white colours. For further inquiries, you may head to any game shops in Singapore to learn more about several Playstation 4 bundles available for you.

Is 500GB enough for PS4?

If you’re a gamer who stores multiple games in a gaming console, then 500GB may not be enough to store all types of video games and UHD movies in a Playstation 4. Therefore, this requires an upgrade in the internal or external storage or freeing up space on your PS4. A 500GB PS4 can house about 12 games in total, with an average game size of 40GB taken into account. On the other hand, a PS4 with 1TB of storage can carry about 25 games.

Can we play PUBG in PS4?

Yes, PUBG was made available to the PS4 on 7 December 2018, which consists of access to the three Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok maps, as well as all the primary features of the PC and Xbox One versions. Users of PS4 Pro who play PUBG can enjoy it with HDR support.

Is it OK to leave a PS4 on overnight?

If you need to run updates or download a new game, it is fine to leave your PS4 on overnight in Rest Mode. Bear in mind that the console should be placed in a well-ventilated room to avoid overheating. You can also choose the Auto Shutoff setting whereby the console will shut down automatically when the download or update process is completed.

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Reviewed on 2016-09-30
The slim PS4 with a healthier eating option (right) next to its chunkier predecessor.Everyone wants to be slimmer, even the PlayStation 4 (PS4).The newly released version of Sony's game console features a thinner and lighter body. It weighs in at 2.1kg co...
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Reviewed on 2013-12-19
We managed to get our hands on a review unit of the PS4, and after spending some quality time with the console, I am convinced that the future of console gaming lies within this marvellous little machine.DESIGNThe PS4 is definitely one of Sony's most attr...
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Reviewed on 2013-12-18
Slim and stylish console design, Improved Dualshock 4 controller, 4K resolution support, More powerful hardware than Xbox One and Wii U, Remote Play via PS Vita
Weak launch titles, Short battery life on Dualshock 4, Restricted to 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n wireless, Graphics don't look that much better than 2013 PS3 titles, Not much support for PS Camera
At E3 , six months ago, it looked like Sony already had this console war won and done with . Thanks to Microsoft's baffling decision to commit seppuku with the Xbox One by announcing a high launch price, restrictive always online DRM policies, a block on ...
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Reviewed on 2013-11-21
Completely Gorgeous, Fantastic Atmosphere, Engaging Universe
Quicktime overload, Sluggish pacing
Video game consoles have always struggled to keep up with rapid pace of innovation set forth by PCs, and more recently, mobile devices. In the last generation, the PlayStation 3 in particular was bound by proprietary processing technology and a rigid oper...
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Reviewed on 2013-11-13
Mark December 19 on your calendars if you are a Playstation fan. That's when Sony's much-awaited PS4 arrives in Singapore stores, just in time for the festive season, for S$639 .To sweeten the deal, Sony is also offering bundles with one of three things –...
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Reviewed on 2018-12-16
Cheap, Great for children, Lightweight, Provides nearly the same functionality as the DualShock 4
Awkward to hold if you're used to a normal DualShock 4 controller, Lacks a few advanced DualShock 4 features, Not made for adults with larger hands, Not available in a wireless model
As an adult with small hands whose childhood nemesis was the hulking Duke controller on the original Xbox, I empathize with those who have a hard time using a normal controller. Though I've grown into them over the years and am quite comfortable using a s...
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Reviewed on 2017-04-28
If you listen closely, you can hear it: the eye of the console storm. We are between technologies and the big hardware makers know it. It's a move from an optical-disk-based, high-heat standalone device. To paraphrase William Gibson: the future is here, i...
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Reviewed on 2016-06-29
Navigating the UI feels fast and intuitive, Tons of great exclusive games, Compact size makes the console surprisingly portable
Gamepad battery life is still short, WiFi speeds can be frustratingly slow, System storage interface can be problematic and inaccurate
Engadget is re-reviewing the current generation of game consoles, each of which has benefited from major firmware updates, price drops and an improved selection of games. We've already revisited the Xbox One , and now it's the PlayStation 4's turn. Though...
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Reviewed on 2015-10-28
It's really about damn time that Sony and/or a third party decided to release a PS4 media remote of some type. Yes, it's not all that difficult to pick up a DualShock 4 and control your console, but there's something to be said for a dedicated remote to h...
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Reviewed on 2015-03-30
Great Graphics, Great Performance, DualShock 4, Attractive Design, Touchpad
Bad battery life
The last years have seen an incredible growth in gaming console popularity. We see that besides the established users of consoles, a lot of people are converting everyday from the “good-ol'” PC to a gaming console. Now this happens for a number of reasons...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-11
The Xbox One gained some much-needed interface improvements and dropped to $400 (sans Kinect motion-and-sound detector) to match the PS4's price, while Sony's system gained some notable exclusives with games like Infamous: Second Son and The Last of Us: R...
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Reviewed on 2014-11-07
The PlayStation 4 serves up dazzling graphics, runs on a simplified and logical interface and boasts a fantastic controller. It has the upper hand in indie games and can stream a constantly growing list of legacy titles via PlayStation Now. The PS4 makes...
The Xbox One has a slight edge in non-gaming entertainment features such as streaming content and media portal apps
We're coming up on an entire year since Sony and Microsoft both released their latest video game consoles, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. That's a perfect time to reevaluate where each console stands and -- more importantly -- how their respective ga...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-30
A half-year past launch, the PlayStation 4 still feels like an overachiever. The system runs better and is improving faster than its predecessor. Everything is relative, though. The PS4 is still a year-one console and has familiar year-one issues. It's n...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-27
A half-year past launch, the PlayStation 4 still feels like an overachiever. The system runs better and is improving faster than its predecessor. Everything is relative, though. The PS4 is still a year-one console and has familiar year-one issues. It's no...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-23
Offers most major apps, Excellent picture and sound quality, No additional subscriptions required to access streaming services, Netflix Max helps find recommendations geared to your taste
No remote or QWERTY keyboard outside of game controller, Limited number of apps—no social networks or photo apps, No DLNA or other streaming from home network media libraries
With PlayStation 4, Sony has upped the video game ante with incredible graphics and the ability to share gameplay with the touch of a “share” button on its redesigned game controller. But how is it as a media streamer? I took a look at Sony's latest to ch...
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Reviewed on 2013-12-12
The PS4 and Xbox One are just getting started in a battle to be the game console of choice for the next five to ten years, and many shoppers are considering buying a PS4 or an Xbox One for the first time.While the Xbox 360 arguably won the last console co...
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Reviewed on 2013-12-09
amazing graphics, share options (pictures and video), live gameplay streaming options, can play games while downloading, new controller w/touchpad, included headset, cross play options with PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 app (iOS and ANdroid), camera sys...
no backward compatible PS1, PS2 or PS3 disc play, left console shell area prone to scratches/fingerprints, include camera/second controller, no integration with cable or satellite services, limited music options
For this review, I was also able to procure a second controller, the camera, and several different PlayStation 4 games (physical disc and downloaded). The camera opens up the The Playroom mini-game set from the main menu.Console DesignIn the horizontal po...
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Reviewed on 2013-12-02
New game consoles don't come every day, but this year the PS4 arrived with a collection of games, upgraded graphics, a new DualShock 4 controller and several PlayStation 4 features that set it apart from the PS3 and the Xbox One.The PS4 or PlayStation 4 a...
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