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Sony Xperia E4g prices in Singapore

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Sony Xperia E4g Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2015-03-27
These days you can get a decent smartphone for cheap. The budget line is no longer a bargain bin for underpowered, low quality phones. Rather, it's a growing segment for compelling phones at aggressive prices. In fact, you need to look past the high-end ...
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Reviewed on 2015-10-16
Stamina mode which gives up to 2 days charge, Design is very different and really interesting — it brings some of Sony's flair to what can be a fairly bland prepaid cadreCamera focus & shutter delay can result in blurry photos, Rear audio speaker phone is something that will disappoint
Sony 's Xperia E4 was announce earlier this year, and it showed off a new design which Sony referred to as a ‘curved, OmniBalance design'. Basically, more rounded, more curvy. Neat.The Xperia E4 would come in two variants, one supporting 3G (HSPA) only, a...
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Reviewed on 2015-08-20
Sony's budget Xperia E4g phone has the hook of fast 4G compatibility, but in every other respect it comes up short.Budget phones often omit the bells and whistles of their more pricey mid-range and top-tier brethren, but it's fascinating seeing which feat...
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Reviewed on 2015-07-06
Stiff casing with good feel, Decent connectivity, Swift SoC, Bright IPS screen, Good color reproduction, Long battery lifeNon-removable battery, Cameras' low-light performance, Poor speaker, Low screen resolution
Black or White. Sony launches its new Xperia E4g in black and in white on the market. The 4.7 inch smartphone features an IPS screen, LTE Cat.4, NFC, and a Mediatek quad-core Soc alongside dual-band Wi-Fi. The smartphone is priced at approximately 130 Eur...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-14
Decent fluidity all round, Screen quality, Nice and comprehensive interface, NFC, a rare feature on entrylevel handsetsMediocre cameras, Screen resolution, Android 4.4 KitKat... in May 2015, No dualSIM compatibility, Battery life could be better
Sony didn't focus much design effort on the Xperia E4g; clearly, its entry-level designation doesn't warrant much of Sony's time. It's not that the E4g is unattractive, especially given its curved edges and rounded corners. But at 10.8 mm (0.4") thick and
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Reviewed on 2015-04-23
Bright, coloraccurate display, Excellent battery life, Good pictures outdoors and 1080p video recording, Sturdy, easy to handle phone, Rich set of connectivity options, including 4G LTE and MiracastSubpar screen resolution, Weak lowlight photography, Long shottoshot times, Wobbly power key
If you need an inexpensive, unpretentious phone to give to your teen or even kiddo, without worrying about the consequences, Sony has got you covered with the new Xperia E4g. It is pretty low as specs go, sporting a qHD screen (certainly not to be confus...
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Reviewed on 2015-04-21
Sony's affordable E-series has definitely come a long way and with its current fourth generation. The company is really going to great lengths to deliver abundant functionality and usability at a modest price tag.Recently, we took a look at the Sony Xperi...
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