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For Power Adaptors prices in Singapore, you can get tons of deals up to 79% off! You might want to check out the hottest Power Adaptors like the Lenovo ThinkPad 135W AC Adapter, Send From Malaysia Macbook Magsafe 2 85W 20V 4.25A A1424 For Macbook Pro With Retina Display Charger Adapter and Macbook Magsafe 16.5V - 3.65A A1181 A1185 A1278 60W Charger Adapter L.  In most cases, many people choose Power Adaptors from brands like Lenovo, Acer and Dell in Singapore. You can grab the latest Power Adaptors in Singapore for as low as S$ 3.00 to S$ 470.00.  You can get Power Adaptors in various colors such as Yellow, White and Silver.