Desktop PCs are the ideal form of a computer if portability and mobility is not important to you. The conventional desktop has the best price-to-performance ratio and is also easily upgradeable and repaired. There are also other forms of desktop PCs such as mini PCs and All-in-One PCs, offering different products to different preferences.


Top Desktop Computers Price List 2020

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Apple Mac Pro S$ 4,335.00 Qoo10
Apple Mac Mini S$ 1,178.00 LazMall by Lazada
Apple iMac Pro S$ 6,833.00 Shopee
DELL OptiPlex 9020 S$ 219.00 Lazada
HP EliteDesk 800 G1 S$ 188.00 Lazada
Apple Mac Mini 2018 S$ 1,218.00 Qoo10
DELL OptiPlex 3020 S$ 298.00 Lazada
Apple iMac 21.5-inch S$ 1,598.00 Shopee
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 S$ 6,688.00 Lazada
HP EliteDesk 800 G2 S$ 598.00 Lazada
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Apple Mac Pro

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Desktop PCs Singapore

What is defined as a desktop PC?

A desktop PC is a computer that pretty much sits at your desk, not necessarily on it – although that is becoming popular with the rise of really beautiful desktop computer builds. Desktop computers are common and is a standard sight in every household or office. The most typical design for a desktop computer is a tall rectangular chassis that is also known as the "tower". Despite the rise in popularity and preference for laptops, desktop computers will always be in the market as it does have its own set of advantages.

Advantages of a desktop PC

Depending on your use, a desktop PC can be a much better solution for your computing needs – especially if you are thinking long term. It also takes into account that portability is not a must-have feature. So what makes a desktop PC a much better choice over a laptop?

  • Affordable: You read that right. A desktop computer's price-to-performance ratio is multiple times better than that of a laptop. A performance gaming laptop may be powerful, but with the same price, a desktop computer can have specifications that are two to three times more powerful than the laptop.
  • Upgradeable: Because of the nature of the desktop's internals with swappable parts, an upgrade is always easy – most especially for graphic cards, internal storage, and RAM. Repairs are also easier – and if you know how, it's all DIY, just buy the parts.
  • Performance: Desktop and laptop parts are not exactly the same. To put it in layman's terms: Laptop hardware is slightly throttled due to the compact nature and battery life; whereas a desktop's hardware is full-fledged performance. The same graphic card in a laptop is never the same performance as the desktop.
  • Comfort: A desktop requires a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse to operate. This may add cost, but it is much better in terms of ergonomics and comfort in comparison to the cramped laptop layout – no more bending over to see things on your screen.

Types of desktop computers available in Singapore

In this modern world, there are more than just the traditional "tower" desktop computer. There are several different types that may or may not share the advantages above.

Conventional "tower" desktop computers

A large or small case (depending on preference) holds the desktop computer's internal hardware inside which is easily accessible for upgrades, repairs, or cleaning. Best price-to-performance here, although takes up a bit of space depending on which case you choose.

Mini PCs

Small computers in a chassis that is typically not larger than even a tissue box. They aren't very powerful and are suitable for simple and basic computing tasks. Some are so small they are like HDMI-thumb drives. They are quite affordable however, and the small space needed makes it a good choice in smaller homes or offices.

All-In-One PCs

They're called All-In-One (or AiO for short) because all of the computer's components are housed into the monitor itself. AiO PCs usually feature large monitors of 20" onwards because of the need to store the hardware inside of them. This type of PCs free up a lot of clutter as all users need to do is to plug in a mouse and keyboard (and speakers if preferred), and they are good to go.

Desktop PCs are the ideal way to go if portability and mobility are unnecessary as it provides really good performance at affordable pricing when you shop online with iprice, not to mention the better comfort too from Singapore.