Mobile Wi-Fi gadgets in Singapore provide many advantages including connecting your computer wirelessly to the network and the internet. To further understand these devices, here are their different types and the things you have to look for when buying.


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Top Mobile WiFi Gadgets Price List 2020

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Huawei E5770 S$ 84.22 Lazada
Huawei E3131 S$ 28.46 Shopee
TP-LINK TL-WN823N S$ 24.80 Tech2cool
TP-LINK M7310 S$ 39.00 Shopee
TP-LINK Archer T4U AC1200 Wireless Dual Band S$ 32.00 Tech2cool
ZTE (Used) Mf821D 4G Usb Modem Direct Sim Auto Apn S$ 38.96 Shopee
TP-LINK M7200 4G LTE Mobile WiFi S$ 69.91 Tech2cool
ZTE Wipod Wd670 4G Lte 150Mbps Mobile Wifi/Pocket Wifi/Mifi Unlocked+Activated Set S$ 50.49 Shopee
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News about Mobile WiFi Gadgets

Struggling with Internet Coverage? Stay Connected with TP-Link’s Networking Solutions.

16 August 2017

Having trouble staying connecting to the Internet at home or in your office? With TP-Link’s networking solutions, staying online is easy and hassle-free!

Having trouble staying connecting to the Internet at home or in your office? With TP-Link’s networking solutions, staying online is easy and hassle-free!

The Different Types of Mobile Wi-Fi Gadgets and How to Buy Them

Mobile Wi-Fi gadgets are indispensable devices that help connect a computer to its network and the internet. Although a wired ethernet cord provides more secure connection, in reality, Wi-Fi gadgets offer more convenience. They come in different types, each has its own pros and cons you should keep in mind.

USB Wi-Fi Adapters

Of all the variants of Wi-Fi adapters in Singapore, they are the most common and the easiest to install. Just plug one into any available port and install its drivers if your computer’s operating system has them; otherwise, you can download them on the product’s website. In most cases, USB adapters use at least one port but there are some models that are equipped with a larger casing, blocking nearby ports. So, you better choose one that won’t interfere other ports.

Desktop Motherboard

This is integrated into the motherboard and functions similarly to USB Wi-Fi adapters. They don’t take up much space, giving you an option to install other peripherals. When choosing a desktop motherboard, look for one that includes antennas as they provide better signal strength and avoid interference.

Integrated Adapters

Smartphones and tablets in Singapore come with built-in adapters that conveniently provide wireless connectivity. However, they are difficult or even impossible to upgrade, making it hard to keep up with wireless standards.

PCIe Wireless Cards

Peripheral Component Interconnect Express or PCIe slots allow you to install expansion cards that provide your computer additional features. Examples of expansion cards are sound cards, graphics cards, and wireless cards. PCIe wireless cards are normally integrated into the motherboards of computers, offering a solution to wireless connectivity. Once they are set up, they enable wireless internet access from anywhere. So, when you have a desktop computer, you don’t have to place it next to Wi-Fi routers or modem. Instead, you can put it in any room around the house, giving you better flexibility when creating a home network.

Things to Consider When Looking for Mobile Wi-fi Gadgets

Maximum Data Rate

When buying Wi-Fi gadgets, you need to consider not only the hardware but also the maximum data rate. A low-end Wi-Fi adapter with a faster data rate of 15 Mb/s, for instance, can outperform a top-of-the-line adapter with a sluggish data rate of 1 Gb/s. A fast data rate not only means a quick and seamless browsing but also high-speed file transfers. Aside from that, if you want faster file transfers, try to look for Wi-Fi gadgets with a USB 3.0 support, instead of USB 2.0.


If your computer is in the same room as the router, then you can use any compact Wi-Fi adapter. Otherwise, a Wi-Fi adapter with an antenna is recommended to receive internet connectivity even if you are farther away from the router.

Compatible with wireless security protocols

Wireless security protocols like WEP, WPA, and WPA2 provide encryption to further secure your wireless network. Always go for a Wi-Fi gadget that supports all three protocols. You can also choose a model that is only compatible with WPA2 since it comes with the latest hardware and has the most advanced encryption.