Aside from presenting ideas to the masses, the humble projectors are also awesome as being your home entertainment. Nowadays, projectors can fulfill a lot of functions you do not expect because you can still buy it for personal use. Read about projectors in Singapore below to find out.


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How to Choose the Right Projector in Singapore

Along with projector screens, most of us are familiar with projectors that can be found in classrooms, offices, and even stores. Far from being just a presentation tool, you can use projectors for a variety of tasks such as enjoying your favourite movie or sports events in a large-screen viewing. While shopping for a projector in Singapore can be a hassle, itcanbe aneasy experience if you know what to look for. Hereisa simple guide that teaches you how to choose the right projector in SG that suits your needs.

Grab the Right Projector

Business Projector

The business projector, also known asa multimedia or data projector, is suitableformeetings, presentations or classroom instruction. Asthese projectors are brighter than home theatre projectors, they work well in meeting rooms or classrooms with overhead lighting and windows. One of the most popular projectors that are used in classrooms are OHP which also stands for overhead projectors. While they are designedprimarily to display static imagessuch as graphs and PowerPoint slides, you can also use them for bothmultimedia andentertainment purposes.Most business projectors include an HDMI port for connecting to your laptop, Blu-ray player or other devices.

Cinema Projector

If you need the best image quality for large-screen viewing at home, the cinema projector is the ideal choice.Withimages up to 36 times larger than a 50" class HDTV, a cinema projector lets you scrutinize every play on the football field and jump right into the action in your favourite video games. Cinema projectors emphasize image quality and high contrast, with deep blacks and rich colour saturation.

Pico Projector

Ultracompact and lightweight, thepicoprojectors (mini projectors) arepocket-sized projectors that are compact enough to hold in your hand but powerful enough for sharing images with a small group of people. Since they weigh less than 3pounds (1.3kg),the portablepicoprojectors are easy to carry aroundwith you to almost anywhere. In other words,they areincrediblyhandy for frequent travel and off-site meetings. In addition, you can also bring yourpicoprojector to a friend's house for a movie night or sports games. For a bigger crowd, you can alwaysset it up in the backyard to watch an outdoor movie with family and friends.

Types of Projectors

Most projectors in the market can be divided into two different types: DLP (digital liquid processing) or LCD (liquid crystal display). These two technologies are capable of showing accurate colour representation and crisp image quality. However, each comes with its own specific advantages. Among the advantages of DLP are high colour contrasts and deeper blacks than LCD projectors.DLP projectors can portray a film-like picture from DVD, HDTV, and Blu-ray sources.They can provide smooth motion for videos and fast-action scenes. Some DLP projectors boast 3-chip DLP that can offer even higherimage quality.Thanks to DLP technology, it allows for more lightweight and compact projectors.

The beauty of LCD technology is that it presents a brighter output for use in well-lit rooms. If you prefer sharper images for detailed graphs and data presentation, the impressive LCD projectors are the right tool for the right job. In terms of brightness, they can give vibrant 3D images without the annoying image ghosting problems. Whenyoucompare LCD projectors to DLP projectors, they are quieter and more energy efficient.Some premium LCD projectors feature 3-chip LCD technology for higher image quality.