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Looking for the best printers in the town? Click here to discover all that you need to know about home printers or office printers.

Are you looking for a printer for your home or office? Epson brings you Colour Ink Tank System printer which is the right choice for both domestic and office purpose. This low cost model will fit your criteria if you want to avoid a big pocket pinch. Quality Print The Epson L220 delivers perfect results, each time. Whether it is a black & white print or a colour print out, you are sure to get sharp and vivid results every time. This printer employs micro Piezo technology to produce high quality prints. The high ISO print speed also aids faster printing. It includes a built-in ink tank that uses Epson genuine ink to produce colour rich prints. You can also easily refill the ink bottles thanks to the hassle free built. It also includes a 600 dpi scanner which delivers high quality scans. This can be a highly productive device for your office or home. Print More The Epson L220 is highly cost effective. Now you can save more since the L220 can print 4000 black & white pages and 6500 colour pages using just one ink cartridge respectively. The high-capacity ink cartridges can print more pages thereby optimizing the utilization and minimizing the cost. Get Your Work Done Faster The Epson L220 is not only fast and efficient but also easy to handle. The ink tanks have clear labelling and drip-free nozzles to make the refill process easy and hassle-free for you. The fast top-up technology ensures that you get the printer refilled faster so that you don’t have to stall your work. Shop it online at Amazon.in and enjoy discounts and offers. Read more
*Prices updated on 23 Aug 2017

Printers Singapore: For an Easy and Efficient Printing Experience

Printers these days are designed with innovative features to ease your printing task. From scanning to multiple printing, printers today are capable of doing almost anything. Get one for your personal or office use today.

Printers Singapore: Types of Printers

Inkjet Printers
The most familiar printer in the market, this inkjet printer is available at a cheap price and an expensive one if you are looking for a good quality inkjet printer. There is a wide range of options if you are planning to buy an inkjet printer.
Laser Printers
This printer works in a very interesting way. Using a laser beam to create an image on a drum, this computer printer electrically draws the powdered toner to the paper to produce an image. If you are looking for a quick and accurate print, this printer can be very useful. In addition to that, the resolution of this printer is higher than the inkjet printer.
All-In-One Printers
Defined just by the name of the printer, the all-in-one printer is what you need for a complete printing task. From scanning, fax to making copies, this printer will never let you down.
Photo Printers
Photos bring our memories to live. They are a passage to reminisce our beautiful moments in the past. If you love to take photographs but find it costly to print them at the store, then Photo Printer is a great option.
Portable Printers
With the advancement of technology, you can now connect your printer wirelessly to your computer, mobile or even print from your memory card or USB. A portable printer is a great choice for today’s modern age people.

Guiding You To Choose The Best Printer

A printer is a great investment and getting the right one for you is vital. There are certain criteria that you should consider before your purchase your printer. Before buying a printer, you must determine the use of the printer. Are you buying it for your home or office? Or are you buying it as a student or a photographer?

Wifi feature is very essential these days. If you travel most of the times and you need a printer to assist your work, printers with this feature can be highly beneficial. Besdies that, the speed of your printer is also crucial. Some printers might take longer time to print and some can print at a faster rate. Know the speed of your printer before purchasing it. In addtion to that, think about the replacement cost of your ink. It is helpful to know if your printer accepts individual ink cartridges or only tricolor cartridges.

Best Brands In The Market Today

Check out some of the best brands that offer latest and amazing printers:


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    Printers play a very important role in your daily life. Keeping one at your home or office can save your energy and time greatly. Get your best printer at lowest price today. You can also check out other great products such as laptops, webcams, office supplies and more.

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