It might sound odd to you but the quality of the dinnerware also affects your meal one way or another. Hence why moms always trust Corelle for its premium kitchenware.

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Corelle Singapore dinnerware for a ‘fulfilling’ kitchen

Helmed by the global household manufacturer – World Kitchen, Corelle takes pride in producing world-class dinnerware that is trusted by generations of consumers. The brand was launched in 1970 to be the first-ever kitchenware product using break-resistant glass in its breakthrough manufacturing procedure.

There is no measurement tool for a brand’s success as precisely as consumers’ trust and throughout the years, Corelle has won the hearts of many with an unbelievable amount of products being sold worldwide. 18 months of business was all it required for Corelle to hit the 49 million sales record, with the top consumed product being Corelle’s Vitrell.

Vitrelle technology is a unique creation of Corelle. It’s all about producing an unprecedentedly strong, light and guaranteed break and chip resistant material for dinnerware manufacturing. They use a method called hub lamination which is a thermal bonding technique to create a multi-layered glass. The core glass is covered by layers of clear skin glass for extra protection and break resistance. Even the patterns decorated on the enamel surface are made to be another thin part of the glass which gives the product a long-lasting appearance as well.

If the kitchen is your favourite part of the house, you’ll never want to leave it with fine dining quality kitchenware from Corelle.

Corelle Singapore exquisite product line

No matter it is a plate, a bowl or simply everything, Corelle Kitchenware have got your kitchen covered. Having a meal that is presented with Corelle dinnerware always feels like dining in a 5-star restaurant. Check out the top Corelle products that every cook dreams about:

Corelle Square Splendor Plate
The combination of grey and red spiral pattern gives this plate a more exquisite look on top of the contemporary square-ish shape. The product is designed to suit any serving occasion that can make the meal even more ‘splendid’.
Corelle Livingware Winter Frost White Dinnerware
This dinnerware set is known to be the original Corelle’s Vitrelle products. The impeccably fine design together with its purely white surface are what make this set exquisite and grand. It comes with 3-year full warranty for any damage too.
Corelle Impressions Watercolors
If you are looking to add a bit more fun to your kitchen, this special watercolour designed dinnerware is a perfect choice! Your dish will be complemented perfectly with Corelle’s sweet and harmonized blend of green, gold, blue and apricot nuances. You can put 100% trust in the safety of using Corelle products for they are ensured microwaveable as well as safe from any harmful chemical.
Corelle Livingware 11-OZ Stoneware Mug, Cobalt
Simple and elegant, Corelle Mugs are the brand’s best-sellers. These mugs are made from the common ceramic that contains stoneware clay or non-refractory fire clay while still applying Corelle’s own manufacturing process. Corelle Mugs are also safe for microwave and dishwasher. Besides deep cobalt blue, you can choose from other colours like Snow White and Slate Gray.
Corelle B-Frames 16-pc Dinnerware set, Blue
For a more romantic meal, prepare your food in this Blue Dinnerware set. Its sophisticated outline patterns in soft blue tone, the abstract lines bordering the plate’s rim that matches the big sibling’s silhouette and the noble sculpted handle will give your kitchen a touch of royalty.

5 reasons why you should get Corelle dishware

With nearly half a century of constant research and development, the Vitrelle material that is used in Corelle manufacturing process guarantees the highest durability as compared to other brands in the market. Corelle is the brand that resonates with breaking and chipping resistance as well as staining-free.

Not only functional, Corelle dinnerware also boasts gorgeous appearances that fit all types of kitchens, from classic to modern interior design. The decoration is especially made as a thin glass layer so that it will last as long as the product so there is no need for you to change your dinnerware for a long while.

With an aim to be every housewife’s best friend, Corelle always makes sure that their products can be used anytime, anywhere without compromising the safety of the user. All Corelle dinnerware are made for microwave, oven, fridge, freezer and dishwasher use.

For small kitchen, keeping the dishes, plates, bowls and everything else in place can be a real hassle. With Corelle, you’ll never have to be concerned about the arrangement of your cabinet for their products are super thin and they come in perfect pairs which allow everything to be stacked nicely even with minimal kitchen space.

Corelle’s Guarantee:
To walk their talk, Corelle implemented a full 3-year warranty policy for all of their products. Do read through the detailed terms and condition whenever you purchase a Corelle authentic product.

    Enjoy a better life with Corelle Singapore

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