Training to be the next Singaporean representative for the next TI tournament? Make sure you are well-equipped for gaming supremacy with Corsair Singapore! With Corsair Singapore’s gaming keyboards, you can gain the upper hand over your opponents and make sure that they are always one step behind. Find out more about what Corsair Singapore has to offer below.


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Different Computer Peripherals from Corsair Singapore

If you are a gamer, you will know that playing games require more than just your skills. The device you play on and any complementary hardware can also make or break your overall gaming experience. Providing top-class devices and hardware components to avid gamers around the world, Corsair Singapore ensures that its hardware products able to match your skills so that you have an edge over other players. Corsair Singapore’s products also sport intricate designs so that you can play your favourite games in style. Here are some notable hardware components offered by Corsair Singapore to equip your computers with:

CPU Cases

One of the products that Corsair Singapore is well-known for is its line of CPU cases. Corsair Singapore’s CPU cases are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also specifically built to enhance certain functions. A good example will be its water-cooling optimised full tower cases which use state-of-the-art PC cooling technology. These models have sufficient space to fit the entire liquid cooling system with ease and are supported with builder-friendly ergonomics, ample storage space and flexibility, and sturdily-built aluminium and steel construction.

Another popular series of CPU cases from Corsair Singapore is its High Airflow Full Tower Cases. Like their names suggest, these cases are equipped with superior air cooling capabilities out the box. They come with an ample number of fan mounts for customising your cooling and getting air directly to your high-performance components, preventing them from overheating even after prolonged gaming.

Gaming Keyboards

For average computer users, the keyboard is just a component to enable them to type texts into the computer. Gamers, however, understand that not all keyboards are built equal. A good keyboard provides extra comfort to your fingers and have better durability to withstand wear and tear. Corsair Singapore also offers a wide selection of high-performance gaming keyboards for its customers to choose from. Combining speed, comfort, durability, and responsiveness, Corsair Singapore’s gaming keyboards are must-haves if you want to up your game. In fact, Corsair’s gaming keyboards are frequently used by professional gamers and in international gaming competitions – solid proofs of the reliability and quality offered by Corsair’s products.

One of the Corsair Singapore’s most sought-after gaming keyboards is the K95 RGB Platinum series. The models in this series feature CHERRY MX Speed keyswitches for better responsiveness that is key to winning every game. These gaming keyboards feature a lightweight aluminium frame which improves their portability. Moreover, they also come with 8MB worth of profile storage to program and store your configuration settings so that you can access them anytime, even when you are using other computers.

Gaming Mice

Having a good mouse will undoubtedly improve your in-game performance and overall gaming experience. Acknowledging this fact, Corsair Singapore offers mice that are specially-built for gaming. These gaming mice are ultra-lightweight and feature gaming-tuned sensors for accurate tracking and extra fluidity. Corsair uses high-quality materials to ensure that its gaming mice can last through extensive amounts of clicks and scrolls especially when many games today demand. A well-known model is the Sabre RGB mouse which has a 10,000 DPI. Its high DPI rating means that the mouse is more responsive to small movements and able to deliver better accuracy, vital for first-person shooter games. Moreover, it is also designed to match the palm of your hands to provide extra grip and comfort. The mouse also has four-zone dynamic multicolour backlighting creates a beautiful, personalized look.


Visuals and gameplay are important aspects of PC games but the audio quality is also essential to bring further enjoyment to a gamer’s overall experience. Acknowledging the importance of audio quality, Corsair produced its very own line of top-tier headsets that are specially built for marathon gaming sessions. Using microfiber and memory form, Corsair Singapore’s headsets feature ear cups that wrap comfortably around your ears. Its lightweight design also means that gamers will not feel burdensome wearing them even for extended play sessions. What makes Corsair Singapore’s headsets a favourite amongst gamers though is the unrivalled clarity and immersive audio that they provide.

Corsair Singapore’s headsets are divided into four main categories – wireless, USB, hybrid stereo, and stereo – all perfect accessories to your gaming PC.

Bulldog by Corsair

Do you have limited space in your living room to place a full-fledged gaming PC set? Do not worry as Corsair Singapore provides a solution with the Bulldog. Bulldog lets you build a PC without taking up too much space thanks to its compact form factor while providing you with cutting-edge desktop hardware as well 4K and VR support. Fitting all the necessary hardware components into a single compact device, Corsair proves that good things do come in small packages. The Bulldog kit comes with a chassis that is designed for maximum airflow and minimum noise, a pre-installed cooler to keep the temperature at optimum levels, and a 600-watt power supply.

Lapdog by Corsair

Whoever says that you need to have a table to play your favourite games clearly has not come across Corsair Singapore’s Lapdog portable gaming control centre. The Lapdog allows you experience precise desktop gaming performance at the comfort of your living room couch with its 11” x 11” mouse pad area and keyboard dock.