From the same company that created Cotton On, Cotton On Body specializes in creating activewear and intimate apparel for men and women. Check out the brand's selection of bras online or read more about Cotton On Body bras below.

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The Hottest Cotton On Body Bras in Singapore

Being one of the most popular brand fashion and retail, Cotton On provides an excellent selection of clothes for men, women, and kids. Taking a step further towards providing the best clothing options for fashionistas, Cotton On has created Cotton On Body which focuses on intimate and activewear for women around the world. Cotton On Body provides everything that you need for a great workout and a comfortable set of Cotton On Body underwear.

Different Types of Bras from Cotton On Body

Giving you top quality and affordable options, Cotton On Body provides you with a selection of bras and bralettes. Regardless of your size and body shape, you would be able to find the best Cotton On Body bra. Here are several types of bras that you can get from Cotton On Body Singapore:

Cotton On Body Bralettes

Comfortable and perfect for women with smaller cup sizes, bralettes are lightweight, simple, and often come in a soft-cup pull over bra. It is often worn by pre-adolescent teens as a training bra but many adult women use it as a fashion statement. Cotton On Body bralettes enhances your assets and are unlined with no push-up for added comfort.

Cotton On Body Contour Bras

Otherwise known as a molded-cup bra, contour bras feature a seamless pre-formed cups containing foam or lining that defines and holds it in place. It is often the type of bra that women with asymmetrical breasts or different-shaped nipples to attain symmetry. Cotton On Body contour bras are lightly lined with no push-up to maximize comfort for everyday use.

Cotton On Body Push-Up Bras

For women who want to have cleavage or enhance the shape of their busts, push-up bras would be a perfect choice. This type of bra uses angle cups and padding to push your breasts inwards and upwards towards the center of your chests. Cotton On Body push up bras not only increases your cup by two sizes, it is also ultra-comfortable.

Cotton On Body Workout Bras

For women who love to hit the gym, run, and train, a good sports bra is essential to avoid discomfort in your chest area. Workout bras or sports bras are types of bras that compressor encapsulates your breasts to keep it from moving around. Cotton On Sports bras are created with adjustable straps and breathable mesh for medium-impact workouts.

Cotton On Body Maternity Bras

Just when you thought bras couldn't get any better, Cotton On Body Singapore also provides a great selection of maternity bras for mothers and expecting mothers. Make the most out of this important phase in your life by being stylish and comfortable with the best Cotton On maternity bras in Singapore.

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