Cotton-On is a growing brand in the apparels industry, especially when it comes to offering simple, comfortable, yet stylish T-shirts. Continue reading below to find out more about Cotton-On Singapore’s T-shirts.


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News about Cotton On T-Shirts

Seduce Your New Beau with These Cotton On Body Lingerie

11 October 2017

Cuffing season is fast approaching so you better be ready for that big day. With these Cotton On Body lingerie, you’re guaranteed to impress your new husband during your first night as a newlywed.

Cuffing season is fast approaching so you better be ready for that big day. With these Cotton On Body lingerie, you’re guaranteed to impress your new husband during your first night as a newlywed.

Cotton-On – Combining Style and Comfort

Since its establishment in 1991, Cotton On has grown to become the Australia’s largest value fashion group. From opening its first store in Geelong, Australia in 1991, the brand now has stores spanning across 18 countries internationally, one of the countries being Singapore. Cotton-On is known for providing their customers with simplistic yet stylish apparels that will never go out of fashion. Plus, they are comfortable too, which makes Cotton-On a favourite amongst trendsetters and fashionistas.

Cotton-On Singapore – Providing Stylish and Comfortable T-shirts for Singaporeans

Singapore is known for its equatorial climate; with the weather either being sunny or rainy all year round. Hence, the best clothes to be worn in this weather is T-shirts, as they are cooling, comfortable and easy to upkeep as well. Although T-shirts are simple pieces of clothing, that does not mean that you cannot be stylish while wearing them. Despite their simplicity and creativity, T-shirts are received well by its Singaporean clientele, which is why Cotton-On has a large following and market share in Singapore.

Exude Confidence with Cotton-On Singapore’s Stylish T-Shirts

T-shirts are fashion items that have survived the test of time and is the most worn apparel in the world today. Although simplistic, T-shirts are versatile so they can match easily with other fashion accessories and items. You can easily slip on a T-shirt and coupled with a pair of jeans or slacks, that is sufficient for a casual. Pair your T-shirt with a complementary jacket and you are ready for a night out in town – that is how easy it is to dress up with a T-shirt!

Sometimes, you do not need to dress elaborately to impress others – simplicity is key. Because a T-shirt is so effortlessly stylish, it makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and embrace your natural look. Be more confident and let your simplistic style do all the talking! Check out Cotton On T-shirts for men and Cotton On t-shirts for women here on iprice.

Styling Up is More Affordable with Cotton-On Singapore T-shirts

Most T-shirts are affordable and easy to acquire, they are present in almost every shopping mall and store that sells clothes. However, what makes Cotton-On Singapore’s T-shirts stand out from the rest is the material used to produce these T-shirts. The brand’s clothes are made of high-quality cotton, which makes their T-shirts more durable and comfortable to wear, even during the hot weather. Cotton-On also makes sure that their designs are in sync with the latest fashion trends around the world. Another reason behind why Cotton-On is liked by many is due to the affordability of its T-shirts. Stylish, comfortable, yet affordable, what else is there to ask for?

Cotton-On Singapore’s Signatures

Cotton-On offers a wide array of T-shirts for both genders of all ages. Amongst them, the designs that are bestsellers are:

  • Noel Printed Polo 2 (Men)
  • Long Curved Hem Tee (Men)
  • The Other Henley (Men)
  • Vivian Cotton Shirt (Women)

Now that you have a better insight about Cotton-On T-shirts, why not add them to your wardrobe and be that trendsetter that you have always wanted to be!