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Comp-Asia Promo Code Singapore

Looking for your next electronic gadget but worried about the environmental impact? Or are you just looking to get great savings on your next gadget purchase? Whatever your choice maybe, you can get it with Comp-Asia coupons in Singapore. Find out more here!

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Looking for your next electronic gadget but worried about the environmental impact? Or are you just looking to get great savings on your next gadget purchase? Whatever your choice maybe, you can get it with Comp-Asia coupons in Singapore. Find out more here!

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Get Your Latest Gadget Promos from Comp-Asia Singapore

Comp-Asia was stablished in 2012 by Founder and CEO, Julius Lim who was an electrical engineering graduate from John Hopkins University after which he completed his masters in an ivy league, the University of Pennsylvania. Upon completion of his studies, and despite having a bright future with the Boston Consulting Group where he was working at, Julius had bigger dreams. This then lead to the birth of Comp-Asia.

The vision that started the company was about championing Mother Nature; utilizing technology as a means of healing a little bit of the environment. The core principle of the company originated from the fact that manufacturing new products requires a lot of natural resources which, in turn, causes harm to the environment. Furthering on that point, the disposed of electronic gadgets usually end up in landfills where toxic materials leak into the soil and flows through to pollute the closest lakes or rivers when it rains. To help with that, Comp-Asia’s business revolves around IT Asset Disposition and Recycling or ITAD for short. Fundamentally, ITAD is the acquirement of used electronic gadgets where they are refurbished and resold.

Comp-Asia Singapore Trusted to Better the Environment

To start, Comp-Asia buys used electronic devices to refurbish to an almost brand new condition before selling them at 80% lesser than the manufacturer’s price. As the products and services comply to the U.S. Department of Defense’s optimal standards of data cleansing as well as with local and national data security and environment regulations, data removal and security no longer becomes an issue.

Comp-Asia Singapore ensures that their products undergo a detailed overhaul process. It begins with erasing the memory and data followed by thorough diagnostics, repair, cleaning, and software installation. To ensure that the standards are met, Comp-Asia has a series of compulsory checkpoints before giving the thumbs up for every product. Still worried about using a used electronic device? Fret not, because gadgets from Comp-Asia come along with a 1 year warranty that can be extended to 2-3 years.

How to Use Comp-Asia Singapore’s Coupons?

  1. Find your favourite Comp-Asia Singapore coupons available above.
  2. Browse through the coupons that will be most applicable to your purchase.
  3. When you have found the coupon that you want, click on the blue “Get This Offer” option.
  4. A code will appear for you to copy.
  5. After that, click on the orange “Go to Store” for you to be redirected to Comp-Asia Singapore’s website.
  6. Scroll through the various electronic gadgets available in your category relevant to your coupon.
  7. When you’ve selected the gadget that you would like to purchase, click on the “Add to Cart” option.
  8. Continue back to the store by clicking on the “Continue Shopping” button should you have anything else you would like to purchase. If not, click on “Go to Cart”.
  9. Double check the items you have in your inventory to make sure that you are purchasing the right item.
  10. Paste your copied discount code in the “Enter Voucher Code” option.
  11. Click on “Apply and Proceed”.
  12. Then, click on “Pay Securely Now”.
  13. Enter your billing information, delivery address as well as your payment information before clicking on “Continue”.
  14. Review your order one last time before clicking submit and voila! You have purchased your newest gadget from Comp-Asia Singapore!
  15. Go ahead, celebrate with a glass of champagne because you have just saved money by paying less for something other people would have gotten at a more expensive price!

“Why Should I Buy Used Gadgets Instead of Newer Ones?”

The mission to saving Mother Earth is a mission for everyone, not just for the idealists. After all, why would you want to pass down your toxic wastes to your children? When you buy used electronic gadgets, you ensure that they do not end up in landfills or drains and just like that, there will be less clogged drains and less toxic waste matter in our soil and water! As simply as it is, you would have reduced pollution just buy purchasing an electronic gadget from Comp-Asia Singapore!

“But they are still used items. What about the data and security in gadgets from the past owners?

Comp-Asia Singapore has a strict mandatory series of checkpoints for every product before they are allowed to be sold. The series of checkpoints ensure that every product comply to the U.S. Department of Defense optimal standards for data cleansing. Apart from that, the compulsory product check makes sure that the electronic devices are also in line with local and national data security and environmental regulations. In short, the strict guidelines and checkpoints are in place to ensure that the gadgets you’ll purchase are nearly brand new!

“Any Other Reasons to Convince Me?”

  1. The assured product quality with every purchase. All ready-to-go products have undergone professional testing, refurbishments, restoration and repackaging that you wouldn’t even realise that they’re used goods!
  2. The warranty. All purchased items come with a 1-year warranty that includes both labour and parts which is extendable to up to three years.
  3. Apart from the 1-year warranty, all phones purchased from Comp-Asia Singapore include a “Phone Guard” programme which allows you to replace any cracked screen for a year.
  4. If you think it can’t get any better, think again, because Comp-Asia Singapore also has a 7-day Return Policy.
  5. Like all efficient and reliable companies do, the products are shipped quickly - products are shipped out within 3 working days!

What Are You Waiting For?

Head on over to get your Comp-Asia Singapore coupons to ensure great savings while saving the environment!