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Don't trouble yourself with looking for a repairman or a wedding planner anymore - ServisHero is here to save you from that hassle. Download their mobile app or head to their website and request a job from a variety of categories provided and you'll save your precious time. All ServisHero service providers are rated by other users, enabling you to be more confident in the provider.

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What is ServisHero?

ServisHero is a startup company that provides on-demand services to its customers. Customers or users of ServisHero are able to utilize ServisHero's services via their mobile app or through their website with only a few registration steps.

ServisHero is founded by Karl Loo, who is also famous for being a co-founder and being involved in several other startups all over the world including Africa and Hong Kong. He founded ServisHero out of a solution to a personal problem of himself: He was looking for an air-conditioning repairman (and we all know how the Singaporean weather would make this a priority), but his search was difficult and long. Thus, ServisHero was born out of his desire to make services of all kinds (as long as its legal!) to be easily accessible to the people.

How does ServisHero operate?

ServisHero provides many forms of services by being the link between the user and the service provider. Want to get a caterer for your upcoming party? Check. Need to repair your washing machine or air conditioning? Check. They are basically a platform of sorts that connects its users or customers to trusted local service providers – or as they are fondly named, the Heroes. They have a large number of service providers that cover a rather generous number of services, here are a few of the categories:

  • Air Conditioning Service and Repair
  • Cakes
  • Computer Repairs
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Interior Design
  • Tuition
  • Plumbing
  • Videography
  • Photography

Users can request for a type of job to be done and ServisHero will respond back with several quotations and choices of Heroes for the user to select from which suits them most.

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How do I request a service from ServisHero?

  1. Download the ServisHero application on to your Android or iOS smartphone or access the ServisHero website.
  2. Select Request Services and choose your desired category such as Car Wash or Aircon.
  3. Select either (4.) "Request Free Quotes" to receive free quotations for you to compare among the various Heroes, or select (5) "Book Recommended Hero" for quick access to a selected provider with fixed prices (applicable to selected categories only).
  4. You selected "Request Free Quotes":
    • You will access a form for you to fill in all the details of your request such as specific services, product models, the time and date, and any other particulars. Your personal information is required as well.
    • You will receive a set of quotations via the email you provided within 24 hours. From there you can look at the different providers and their quotation, and then contact one of the Heroes you proceed with your request.
  5. You selected "Book Recommended Hero": You will be shown a page with the contact and details of the recommended Hero, as well as fixed prices for certain services. Just give the Hero a call and you can proceed with the request!
  6. On the date and time of your request, make sure you are present to allow the Hero to do the job. Remember to prepare the payment money to the Hero as well!

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  1. Request for a service via the website or application for the choice of your job category.
  2. Select "Request Free Quotes".
  3. Fill in all your details and particulars for the request and your personal information. There will be a space for you to fill in the promo code for you to be entitled to discounts and savings.
  4. Confirm your quotation requests and you will receive a set of quotation within 24 hours.
  5. Select your Hero from the received quotation and contact them to proceed with the request.
  6. Your final price will be discounted with the quote and is to be paid directly to the Hero.

Safety Tips when requesting a job from your Hero

As with many things, it is always better and ideal to take precautions when requesting for a Hero for a job. Here are some tips from ServisHero that can be followed to have a more secured experience:

  • Speak to the Hero through a phone before you completely accept a job. Ask the Hero about any questions you might have before you decide – if you do not feel comfortable, then you can choose not to hire them.
  • Confirm the Hero's identity by asking for the name of the people who will perform the job, how many of them, and also take note of their pictures if at all possible.
  • Ensure that the jobs are carried out at sensible times such as during the day time; any providers who want to carry out jobs late at night is a red flag.
  • Do not be shy or be afraid to ask any about any questions you may have to both the service provider and to Servis Hero.

ServisHero's contact

ServisHero may be reached through several different methods: