One brand that perfectly reflects the definition of comfort is surely Crocs. Their fun, trendy and vivid designs will surely catch the attention of anyone as you stroll around town. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to comfy and yet stylish Crocs. Read more about Crocs Singapore below to find out.


Top Reasons Why Crocs Shoes Can Benefit You

Popular around the world, Crocs shoes are some of the unique shoe designs that you can find in the market. While they are renowned for their distinctive look, a lot of people do not really know about the benefits that they bring to your feet. Here are the top reasons why Crocs shoes can benefit you in many ways that you do not expect.

Recommended by Doctors

For patients with foot problems, some doctors actually recommend Crocs shoes as suitable footwear. According to doctors, Crocs shoes are especially light and they boast huge room in the toe area which affords the front part of the foot lots of room. Crocs shoes have been favoured by people with bone deformities such as bunions and hammertoes. In fact, Crocs releases Rx Crocs which are lined with antibacterial material that acts as a prevention against fungal and bacterial infections.

Furthermore, Crocs shoes offer impressive value especially in terms of protection for people with diabetes. Since people with diabetes suffer reduced circulation in their feet, they are at high risk for open sores and wound infection. Thanks to the spare room and antibacterial properties of Crocs shoes, they can help to address such problems.

As recommended by doctors, Crocs shoes are healthy pairs that can prevent leg pain, back pain, and arch pain. When you compare Crocs shoes with flip-flops, Croc shoes are better because they offer more protection and comfort than flip-flops. When it comes to arch support, flip-flops do not provide a lot of arch support. In addition, they are open-toed that can cause you to stub your toe.

In short, doctors have considered Crocs shoes as therapeutic shoes which offer long-term relief from foot pain. Not only that, but Crocs shoes are also the ideal footwear for those who have had foot surgery. Unsurprisingly, even some doctors have recommended Crocs shoes for patients to wear after foot surgery operation. This is because your feet are still swollen. Crocs shoes are the perfect choice for a good transition before returning to normal shoe gear.

Perfect For Your Feet

Since foot care is important for people with diabetes, your shoes should be comfortable, fit well, and protect your feet. As such, your shoes should have smooth linings and there are no objects inside. Diabetic shoes or inserts are highly recommended for people that suffer from foot deformities, foot ulcers, poor circulation in your legs and feet and inability to feel your feet. As for Crocs shoes, they have been recommended by health professionals because they can protect your feet well while providing comfort at the same time.

Thanks to their footbed circulation nubs (a defining trait of Crocs shoes), they can stimulate blood flow in your legs and feet. It is vital to maintain good blood circulation around your whole body. The blood supply in the cells makes sure that your body system can function well. However, poor blood supply causes body cells to suffer. As a result, you will be more vulnerable to various health problems and other diseases.

This is where Crocs shoes can make a huge difference because it promotes better blood circulation around your body. This is important for those who have diabetes. With uninterrupted blood circulation, you will be in tip-top condition because your body works so well that you feel that you are on the top of the world. Furthermore, your reaction and body coordination will naturally increase in terms of speed and precision. If you are an athlete, you will appreciate how strong and fast a healthy body can be.

As the immune system gets stronger, you will be less likely to suffer from certain diseases. In addition, you can enjoy a good digestive system that can increase your health significantly. Not just that, you will be able to get the nutrients that you need easily while eliminating other stomach diseases. The benefits of good blood circulation are endless and the most important thing that you should know is you will lead a healthier way of life.

Unique Material Unlike Others

Crocs shoes are made of a special material that is known as Croslite. It is a soft and light material which is also fully PCCR (Proprietary Closed Cell Resin). Amazingly, it is a non-toxic material that does not wear out quickly. You can expect your Crocs shoes to last for a long period of time. Since it is between rubber and foam, this material can be simply cleaned with just soap and water. Not just that, it even possesses antibacterial properties which eliminate fungi and sweaty feet problems. At the same time, it also prevents odour which is a common problem in unsanitized shoes.

Another great thing about this material is it is slip-resistant. This is an amazing feature because sandals have the tendency to slip off. Aside from that, its resistance to water and stains make Crocs shoes essential footwear for many doctors and surgeons who are most prone to the exposure of bloodstains and bodily fluids. They provide comfort for surgeons that spend a long period of time in the operating theatre.

Crocs shoes give you the added advantages of sandals without exhibiting their weaknesses. Crocs also offer many exciting designs and colours that can be made possible only with their unique material. Spruce up your Crocs with a personalised design by plugging Jibbitz shoe charms into the holes. Let those charms speak for who you are!

Where to Buy Cheap Crocs in Singapore

You can score Crocs shoes at a lower price during their clearance or seasonal sales. Head to Crocs’ official site and proceed to the Sale section, you will find lots of Crocs footwear sold at a slashed price, including Isabella sandals, Bayaband clog, Alice work flat, Santa Cruz clean-cut loafers, and many others. Besides that, you can try on Crocs shoes at your nearest Crocs outlet where sales are occasionally held as well.

Fun fact: Did you know that the most expensive Crocs shoes ever sold in the world cost US$850? Famous French fashion house Balenciaga had put a spin to Crocs platform clog in 2018 and they were sold out before their debut.

Crocs Shoes Price List Singapore

Here are some of the most in-demand Crocs shoes in Singapore, all of which can withstand the test of time while keeping you comfortable wherever you go:

Crocs Shoes



Crocs Classic Clog

S$ 34.26

Harvey Nichols

Crocs Crockband Clog Navy

S$ 46.25

Harvey Nichols

Crocs Cyprus Sandals

S$ 69.67


Crocs Isabella Sandals

S$ 60.00


Crocs Sienna Flats

S$ 19.98