Equip your kitchen with the latest and the best appliances from Cuckoo. Originally from Korea, Cuckoo is now in Singapore with its cutting-edge kitchen electronics ranging from rice cookers, slow cookers, water dispensers to humidifiers. Read more below to learn about the innovative background of Cuckoo SG as well as tips and recipes for its rice cookers.


Quality Korean Kitchen Appliances from Cuckoo Singapore

For many home-makers, their kitchen is a sacred place where food and sustenance are prepared for the family. We know you want what’s best for your loved ones. That is why Cuckoo appliances guarantee excellent home-cooked meals that you and your family can enjoy. Cuckoo is a household name that promises excellent performance in many homes across the globe.

Cuckoo’s Early Beginnings

Cuckoo electronics started off in 1978 as Sungkwang Electronics Co. LTD in Korea. 24 years after its establishment in 2003, it was then officially renamed to Cuckoo Electronics but the brand had been using the name since 1990. Because of their dedication and passion to provide cutting-edge technology to home-makers around the globe, Cuckoo gained success and recognition including:

  • Korea Prestige Brand Award in Water Purifier Category (2014) and Customer Satisfaction Award (2012) from the Korea Economic Daily
  • No. 1 in National Brand Competitiveness Index, 7 years in a row from the Korean Productivity Center
  • Certified Service Qualified Organization in Korea (2011) by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

Aside from that, Cuckoo was also awarded the 30th Presidential Prize for Quality (2004) and the Energy Winner & Energy Technical Prize (Customer Chamberce) in 2006. The brand has been ranked No.1 in NBCI (National Brand Competitiveness Index) for 9 years in a row by Korean Productivity Centre. With these awards and certifications under their belt, Cuckoo appliances are guaranteed to be safe, efficient and excellent in your kitchen.

Best Rice Cookers from Cuckoo Electronics

Among the best products from Cuckoo electronics are rice cookers. What makes them so different from the rest is that their rice cookers, not only cook but also pressurize them to a glutinous and more nutritious state than traditional, or even Japanese rice cookers. Here are some of the best selling Cuckoo rice cookers available in the market:

CUCKOO CR-0352FR Electric Rice Cooker Warmer White

4-fold safety protocols, Reservation for cook and steaming function, Prepare to cook function, Warmer control function, Removable cover, Steam cap/ water spout Stream features, Weaning features for baby, LCD Fuzzy display

CUCKOO Rice Cooker for 6 people CR-0632FV

Cooks white rice, brown rice, cereals and soups, Steam function with steam cap/ dip tray, Reheating function, Failure indication, Custom thermal functions, LCD screen and indicator.

CUCKOO CRP-P107FR IH Pressure Electric Rice Cooker Black Red

Full stainless, separate cover, High firepower, Audio guide, Variable cooking method, Customized heating function, Rapid rice cooking function.

CUCKOO CRP-AHP1010FS IH Pressure Electric Rice Cooker Silver

Metallic handle with premium white LED display and modern body line. Full stainless-steel inner case and high-quality elastic spring to prevent steam loss. Durable and scratchless.

The best thing about Cuckoo rice cookers is that it is built for optimum performance and quality, compared to traditional rice cookers. They are made to endure and provide the best rice, soup and cereal for your family and your loved ones. You can never go wrong with Cuckoo kitchenware and appliances!

Choosing the Right Rice Cooker

There are tons of rice cooker models, brands and features available in the market today; it’s only normal to get confused with all of the information right in front of you. To help you out, here are several things that you need to consider before buying the right rice cooker for you

  • Always consider your budget. Rice cookers can come in many forms and many price ranges, so always make sure that you can afford the right rice cooker before you actually try to find one.
  • Consider the number of people whom you’re cooking for. Aside from the usual features and models available, rice cookers are also available in several sizes from 1-2 persons to 10-15 persons.
  • Look for a detachable lid when looking for rice cookers. This is a sign of good quality and is much easier to clean than traditional rice cookers.
  • The quality coating on the inner pot is also a factor when choosing quality rice cookers. Conventional ones often don’t last very long, so find one that’s durable and remains bonded with the inner pot.
  • Find rice cookers that are made in Korea and Japan. Cuckoo rice cookers are all made in Korea and are highly recommended by many homemakers around the globe.

Tips on How to Clean Your Cuckoo Rice Cookers

To maintain performance, Cuckoo rice cookers must be cleaned and kept at a good state. If not done, the proliferation of bacteria would destroy the quality of food it produces and would emit an unpleasant smell. To maintain the quality and performance of your rice cooker, here are some tips that would help you out:

  • Clean your Cuckoo rice cooker with water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. First, mix the two ingredients and put it on your cooker, bring it to a boil for 20-30 minutes. After boiling, hit “Cancel” to eject steam. Let it cool down, and then wash the inner pot with soap and water.
  • Before cleaning the inner pot, make sure that you have unplugged or turned the cooker off to avoid accidents.
  • You can clean the body using a damp cloth or sponge, with detergent or soap.
  • Remember to never touch the electronics. If you are having problems with the cooker’s electronic configurations or if it is not working properly, you can refer to the user manual or call the local customer service hotline.

Don’t forget to be gentle when handling and cleaning your rice cooker. There are some parts that are removable and therefore, need to be handled with caution. Taking care of your Cuckoo rice cooker ensures its continued performance in providing excellent and nutritious food for your family. The best thing about Cuckoo is that it is easy to use and safe for everyone. You don’t need to be an expert chef to cook excellent fluffy rice. All you need is love and a Cuckoo rice cooker!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cuckoo Rice Cookers & Water Dispensers

How long does Cuckoo Rice Cooker take?

For a portion for 2 people, it usually takes around 15 - 20 minutes to cook white rice. If you are cooking a mix of brown and white rice, then it will take about 25 - 30 minutes.

Which is the best Cuckoo Rice Cooker?

  • Best Multifunctional Cuckoo Rice Cooker: Cuckoo CRP-JHSR0609F

Touch screen controls, 14 cooking programmes including high- and low-pressure cooking, voice navigation, safety features like automatic steam and pressure valve and lid-locking device, comes with x-wall stainless steel inner pot with even heat distribution

  • Best Budget Cuckoo Rice Cooker: Cuckoo CR-0351F

5 cooking functions, non-stick coated aluminium inner pot, good for cooking 3 cups of rice, auto steam cleaning system, ideal for singletons, couples or small families

  • Best All-Around Cuckoo Rice Cooker: Cuckoo CRP-HY1083F

Doubles as a pressure cooker, comes with a 10-cup inner pot for making pot roasts and rice cakes, or braised meat; auto-clean feature, voice navigation

Is Cuckoo water purifier alkaline water?

Cuckoo water purifiers serve the purpose of dispensing mild-alkaline water that is rich in minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which are super beneficial for your overall wellbeing and health. Its mild-alkaline water may help to neutralise the acidity in your body while boosting the immune system.

How much is a Cuckoo water dispenser?

Cuckoo Water Purifier Price Singapore

Cuckoo Water Dispenser Price



CUCKOO Prince Top Lite Water Purifier | Free White 1010 Multi Cooker

S$ 2,199.00

Cuckoo on LazMall by Lazada

CUCKOO Queen Stand Water Purifier | Nano Positive | 6 Stages Filtration System

S$ 2,299.00

Cuckoo on LazMall by Lazada

CUCKOO Marvel Water Purifier | 5 Stages Filtration System

S$ 1,199.00

Cuckoo on LazMall by Lazada

CUCKOO Fusion Top Water Purifier | Family Friendly | 6 Stages Filtration System

S$ 1,699.00

Cuckoo on LazMall by Lazada

CUCKOO Icon Water Purifier | Multi-Temperature | Child Lock | Voice Navigation | Auto Sterilization

S$ 2,099.00

Cuckoo on LazMall by Lazada