The wrist watch has never really gone out of fashion nor lost it charms even after many generations. It is also a public statement that you value your time and might have places to be. Well-known brands such as Tissot or Rolex may receive plenty of love, it may seem impossible to find a quality watch at an affordable price. Thankfully, with Curren Singapore, you might just find what you are looking for. Browse below and learn more about the products.

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Curren Singapore - How to match your watch with your clothes

The way a person chooses their watch speaks a lot about their personality and taste. This is why it is essential to learn the techniques of matching your watch to your clothing because the right accessories can make or break an outfit. Watches are not the easiest accessory to match because unlike other clothing item or accessory, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and serves a myriad of purposes, other than the obvious usage of telling the time. If you already know what to look for, matching your watch to your outfit is not difficult as it seems. Below is a guide on how to match your watch with your clothing.



As a simple rule of thumb, the more laid-back an occasion is the more casual your watch can be. Typically, the right type of casual watch has fine lines and a carefully crafted finish. If you observe carefully, most watches fall into this category. At times, a casual watch may look stricter than other watches, but then again it all comes down to the situation because there are different types of casual. For example, it is best to avoid wearing watches that are too colourful in a business-casual environment.

Black tie

When it comes to formal events, the term elegant will come to most people’s minds. An elegant watch generally constitutes of gold, white gold or silver elements and are usually characterized by simplicity. A simple, elegant, yet colourful watch can add a pop of colour to the darker shades of a formal outfit.

Business Formal

The types of clothes worn in this category are usually worn day-in, day-out and are more versatile in terms of the accessory you can wear them with. There are more choices of watches which you can pair with your business formal outfit. However, you wouldn’t want to be passed off as being frivolous when attending a meeting or a business deal.


Whether if you’re hitting the gym or going for an evening jog, sports watches are just the ideal accessory for you to wear. The best kinds of sports watches have a digital display. A sports watch has all the features of an active accessory such as dynamic shapes while mixing layers with lines. The majority of sports watches have the water resistant feature so that it is suitable to be worn during water-sports activities.

Material of your outfit

The most suitable reference for the choice of your watchband will be the material and colour of your outfit. The easiest way to match is by looking at the material of your belts and shoes. The colour of a watchband should go accordingly to the colour scheme of your shoes and belt. For example, a black watchband should be worn with black shoes and a belt, while a brown band should go with a brown belt and shoes. A silver or gold band is more versatile as it can go with either colour. On the other hand, the metal elements on your watch should complement the metal accents of your other accessories. A gold belt buckle goes ideally with a rose gold watch. If the metal element is completely blacked out, then you can go with either gold or silver belt buckles. Other accessories that you will need to pay attention to include cuff links, shoe buckles, a piece of jewellery that adorn your outfit, etc.

The colour of your watch

It is a no-brainer that most black watches are the most formal looking style, while lighter shades such as brown, grey or khaki tend to be more casual. Watches with a lot of colours should be exclusively kept for casual occasions only. Brilliant colours are usually the right choice when it comes to sports watches, while darker colours are reserved for more formal watches.

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