Planning to purchase some daily necessities yet being on a tight budget? Daiso in Singapore is your one-stop budget shopping destination. With an extensive inventory of items across multiple categories that are sold at the same price, the brand has become a household name amongst Singaporeans as a provider of affordable yet reliable products. Find out more about Daiso Singapore below.


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News about Daiso

The Japanese dollar store has it all; health and beauty items, Japanese snacks, and other miscellaneous trinkets. Daiso Singapore is also known for its variety of travel essentials.

The Japanese dollar store has it all; health and beauty items, Japanese snacks, and other miscellaneous trinkets. Daiso Singapore is also known for its variety of travel essentials.

Everything you Need to Know About Daiso Singapore

Daiso Japan has always provided quality products at reasonable prices to its customers. Before it expanded into the variety store that we have grown to know and love today, the company was only a street vendor in Japan where its products were sold at 100 – 200 – 300 – 400, and 500 yen. Although it is often known as “the Japanese dollar store”, the brand provides Singaporeans with numerous value-for-money products so customers can shop without spending excessively. Despite its affordable prices, the quality of the pieces sold is not compromised which allows you to enjoy trustworthy goods at budget prices.

Daiso Japan has a range of over 70, 000 products in its inventory where the majority of the products are household items like kitchenware and cleaning goods. Almost all the items in the company’s inventory are produced in-house with excellent quality and design. Daiso Japan has successfully managed to expand its businesses overseas and has locations in 25 countries and regions worldwide, proving its popularity globally.

Daiso Singapore’s Business Concept

The company adopts a unique business concept that has proven to be effective in fulfilling the needs of its consumers. To ensure that it provides the best for its consumers, the company emphasizes three core values when manufacturing their items – quality, variety, and uniqueness. By emphasizing these three values, Daiso ensures that it remains ahead of its competitors.

  • Quality – The brand understands the importance of quality in retaining a loyal customer base. The brand generates the “wow” factor along with good quality as proven by low retail price with high quality.
  • Variety – The company elevates the consumers’ shopping experience by providing a massive inventory of products. The variety of goods offered by them is also one of the primary reasons why customers keep coming back.
  • Uniqueness – There is a certain distinctiveness to products offered that cannot be found anywhere else, that is fresh new ideas from the brand that make it stand out from its rivals.

Type of Products Sold by Daiso Singapore

Daiso’s wide range of products that are sold at highly competitive prices never fails to satisfy the needs of the discerning customer. The goods offered are abundant and can be divided into multiple categories. The types of items sold by Daiso include:

  • Stationery – From pens and pencils to desk organizers, the brand has an amazing line of quality office and school supplies that are marketed at reasonable prices. The brand focuses on design, color, and function to ensure that their stationery lines are well-accepted by consumers.
  • Health and Beauty – The brand supports your health and beauty needs with its extensive lineup of convenient cosmetics and accessories to support your needs. It has a generous number of high-quality hygiene and healthcare goods to maintain your health.
  • Japanese Traditional Products – The company stays true to its Japanese roots by selling traditional items that have sustained the lives of Japanese for centuries to people from all parts of the world. Take a glimpse into the Japanese culture as Daiso sells a wide variety of Japanese merchandise from folk craft toys, origami paper, small obento items, and other traditional goods.
  • Kitchen and Dining – Looking for inexpensive utensils and cutlery to equip your kitchens with? Daiso in Singapore offers a wide array of useful, unique, and top-quality culinary tools that are priced reasonably so that you can purchase them without breaking the bank.
  • Gardening – Do you have green fingers and would like to be involved in gardening? Daiso offers reliable gardening tools and equipment for all your gardening needs. If you have a garden at home, you can also equip it with the accessories that you can buy in Daiso.

If you are looking further than just their simple same-priced goods, here is the perfect platform where many value-for-money items can be found. With Daiso, you can save money on your shopping while still enjoying a high-quality product that will cater to all your needs and wants.

Top Daiso Japan Products that are Most Popular Amongst Singaporeans

With a vast number of products under the Daiso brand, shoppers can easily find anything they want without needing to search anywhere else. Below is a list of top Daiso products that many Singaporeans will buy online from Daiso Singapore:

  1. Cupboards or shelves for dishes or bathroom utensils.
  2. Umbrellas that come in funky designs.
  3. A bundle of closet organizers.
  4. Plastic baskets, paper boxes, and other containers.
  5. Bathroom pastel gloves or dishwashing sponges.
  6. Culinary tools, especially baking utensils.
  7. Party décor, tools and bento set.
  8. Colorful and “kawaii” stationeries.

Where are Daiso outlets in Singapore?

There are 20 Daiso stores in total now in Singapore as listed down below:

  • Vivo City
  • Downtown east
  • Thomson Plaza
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza
  • Singpost Centre
  • 100 AM Mall
  • Changi City Point
  • Chinatown Point
  • City Square Mall
  • East Point Mall
  • IMM
  • Ion Orchard
  • J-Cube
  • Kallang Wave Mall
  • Square 2 (Novena)
  • Parkway Parade
  • Plaza Singapura
  • Sembawang Shopping Centre
  • Tampines 1
  • Water Way Point

Why is Daiso so cheap?

As we all know, Daiso Japan’s items are made from its home country, Japan. To reduce the cost of production, a number of items are manufactured in China. This answers why Daiso’s goods are valued for money.

Are Daiso products safe?

Daiso Japan offers you extensive quality goods at reasonable prices you can select from. However, a more careful approach needs to be taken in shopping items such as assorted toys to ensure safety for your children. Shop mindfully on skincare and other healthcare items as these items might work differently on each individual. Good shopping measures should be practiced by the customers in selecting quality items at such affordable prices.

How much are Daiso products in Singapore?

The brand offers products with prices starting as low as S$2. The range of value for money items is also available in Daiso Singapore Online. Below is a table comprising prices of items offered by Daiso:

Product Price Merchant
Daiso Colourful Sticky Note Reminder S$ 3.20 Shopee
Daiso Socks Legging Knee High Stocking S$ 3.25 Shopee
Daiso Four Function Bottle Opener Kitchen Tools S$ 5.02 Shopee
Daiso We Bare Bear Carrying Bag S$ 9.03 Shopee
Daiso Face Mask 1 pack (7pcs) White S$ 35.04 YesStyle

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