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Daniel Wellington - a fine must-have watch

Simplicity and elegance, that’s what makes Daniel Wellington watches stand out among the rest. With their iconic NATO straps, wide range of styles and colors, Daniel Wellington provides accuracy, style, and functionality into a simplistic time piece for both men and women. Their most popular line include the Dapper collection, Grace, and Classic. On top of that, you can also choose between their iconic NATO straps which are made from multi-colored, high-tension nylon, and traditional fine leather which exude in elegance and sophistication.

Durable and accurate

Because of its modern design, Daniel Wellington is a great watch for young professionals in an urban setting. Whether you are out on a date, on a business meeting, or simply hanging out with your friends, your Daniel Wellington watch would simply blend in with your outfit. It is a versatile time piece that you can take anywhere at anytime. With its dynamic price range between 130MYR - 1450MYR, you can choose from a wide range of styles and designs including fashion and analogue time pieces in varying colors. Even if you are on a budget, you can still find the perfect Daniel Wellington watch for you.

Buy Daniel Wellington watches online

If you are looking for a great watch, Daniel Wellington has some of the most flexible, durable, and iconic designs for both men and women. For individuals with an eye for minimalist designs, quality, and accuracy, then this watch is the perfect accessory for you. Take a look at Daniel Wellington’s fashion and analogue watches, plus extra straps and take home a precise and functional time piece.

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Daniel Wellington Singapore boasts its wide array of luxury watches available from their Classy, Classic, Dapper and Grace collections. To know more about the brand, click here.

Prices updated on 28 Jun 2017

Daniel Wellington Watch - Luxurious Accessories for him and her

Daniel Wellington watches are described as simple, elegant and classy. It is a wonderful addition to your collection and is definitely a must-have for both men and women. With its timeless design, and with proper maintenance, the watch will definitely last a lifetime and will never go out of style.

About Daniel Wellington Singapore

Some find it surprising that Daniel Wellington - one of the best manufacturers of watches and watch straps, is founded by Filip Tysander. Daniel Wellington was a fellow he met in the British Isles. Filip was so impressed at Daniel’s classic, and relaxed style, especially the use of NATO straps on his timepieces which inspired him to create his own set of watches, and thus Daniel Wellington was born.

Daniel Wellington watches for men and women

A Daniel Wellington watch is a great example of simplicity and elegance. The brand preserves this idea through their current watch collections for men and women. Using their classic NATO and leather straps, the brand is able to create the finest and most luxurious timepieces. The best thing about Daniel Wellington is that you can use the watch for any occasion, whether you’re attending a posh party, or simply hanging out by the beach.

  • Daniel Wellington Watches for Men
  • Daniel Wellington Watches for Women

Daniel Wellington watches for men are exactly what men like in their accessories - simple, elegant and stylish. Its minimalist design makes it a timeless piece which can last for many years, such as Daniel Wellington York Analog Display Quartz Watch, Daniel Wellington St. Mawes Analog Display Quartz Watch, Daniel Wellington Sheffield Analog Display Quartz Watch and Daniel Wellington Bristol Analog Display Quartz Watch.

The brand’s uncomplicated design makes Daniel Wellington a suitable choice for women. Like its male counterparts, Daniel Wellington’s watches for women are also designed to last for years, remaining a classic addition to their wardrobe. Few choices that you can buy online at iprice Singapore are Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Analog Display Quartz Watch, Daniel Wellington Classic Lady St Mawes Analog Display Quartz Watch, Daniel Wellington Women's Classic Black/Pink Nylon Strap Watch and Daniel Wellington Women's Quartz Watch Classic Canterbury Plastic Strap.

How to take care of your Daniel Wellington Watch

Daniel Wellington watches are made to last. Made from the finest materials, and cutting-edge watch technology, Daniel Wellington ensures customer satisfaction when it comes to their timepieces. However, your watch can only last so long, provided that you take great care of it. Without proper maintenance, it could easily lose its brilliance and may even break. So to prevent that from happening, here are some quick tips on how to take care of your Daniel Wellington watch:

  • When winding your watch to set the time, always remove it from your wrist to avoid damage and loosen the watch’s crown.
  • Always rinse your watch after swimming to remove salt or chlorine, that could potentially weaken the watch case. Remember to never immerse a watch with leather strap in water.
  • Never expose your Daniel Wellington watch to excess heat. Doing this would dry up the watch’s lubricants, encourage lacquer bubbling and could cause premature aging of dials.
  • When cleaning or polishing your watches, always use a special jewelry cloth. Use it to gently remove dust, and skin particles, especially those on hard to reach areas.
  • When storing your Daniel Wellington watches, make sure to separate them from your other jewelry or better yet, purchase a separate watch box to keep dust and other particles from your timepiece.

    Whether you’re starting a watch collection or simply looking for options, you will never regret having a Daniel Wellington watch. With less design, the brand is particularly easy to maintain. Simply follow the tips above and your watch will surely last a lifetime. The brand also has different Daniel Wellington straps available in leather or in NATO fabric with a wide range of colors. Get your own Daniel Wellington watch now!

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