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Dell Singapore

One of the largest computer technology companies in the world, Dell is well known for its innovative approach when it comes to delivering what its customers want. Dell is the go-to brand for many people because of its wide array of quality products that range from laptops and desktops to printers and other computer accessories.

For All Your Business and Home Needs

Dell is mostly known for its wide range of laptops and desktops that come with different specifications and pricings to match the varying needs of their consumers. Among the lines of Dell computer systems that would be ideal for business-related use would be Dimension (home desktop computer), Latitude (business-focused notebooks), Vostro (office/small business computer systems), and so much more. These laptops and desktops place more emphasis on reliability, serviceability and long lifespans. While Dell’s Inspiron (budget computer systems), XPS (high-end computer systems), Alienware (gaming systems) and Venue (tablets) are created more for consumer usage and place more importance on performance as well as expandability.

The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Similar to its wide range of laptops and desktops, Dell’s monitors come in a variety of sizes and display types that would enhance your computer experience. Like Dell’s computer systems, Dell’s monitors are among the most sought after in the market because of its crisp graphics and vivid colours that would give you the best viewing experience while you work and play. For a futuristic feel, opt for Dell’s Touch Monitors that offer an interactive touch experience.

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Coming from a very humble start in a small dorm-room, Dell has now become one of the largest technological corporations and computer vendor in the world. With their selling point of direct-to-consumer sales and a build-to-order system, Dell has been able to stand out from their competition. Their wide range of laptops also ensures that their customers will get a computer that will match their needs, be it for simple home use such as the Dell Inspiron; something a little more premium like the Dell XPS; or just going all out for gaming with their Alienware line.

Enjoy a realistic pen on paper experience while writing on a high resolution tablet or notebook screen with the Dell Active Pen. Whether you're taking notes, creating artwork or checking your email, this pen provides a natural writing feel and quick, effortless interaction with your screen. Your overall productivity will benefit thanks to the high performance features of the Dell Active Pen. With quick launch, one click opens OneNote, even with system locked, for note-taking (but does not unlock the system). Two clicks (with system unlocked) takes a screen shot and pastes into OneNote. The Active Pen is designed to work flawlessly with Windows 10 programs and will make daily tasks easier on your Dell 2-in-1 tablet. Designed with technology from Wacom, a global leader in digital interface technologies, the Dell Active Pen offers high precision and accuracy, sensing 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. Draw straight or curved lines and detailed small letters (3mm) without the hassle of distortion or smudging. With palm rejection, you won't have to worry about potential errors caused by your palm resting on the tablet. Draw lines that vary from thick to thin and dark to light, for richer graphical expression, as the Active Pen senses the pressure on the tip. The Active Pen rests easily in your hand, thanks to weighted hand balancing and a design that takes your comfort into account. Plus, the small size and convenient pen clip make the Active Pen your essential, grab-and-go accessory. The Dell Active Pen is compatible with select Dell branded notebooks and tablets. The Active Pen also has an LED light to show pairing status-blinking to show pairing mode and shining solid when pairing is complete. Read more
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Dell Singapore computers, the tried and true.

Dell was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell - which is where the name of the company was derived from. Dell started its business as a small humble beginning under the name PC's Limited in a dorm-room; Dell sold computers built from stock parts that were IBM PC-compatible at that time. A year later, the company made and sold their own computer, the Turbo PC which retailed for $759 USD at that time. As Dell grew, Michael Dell invited in Lee Walker, an experienced venture capitalist who would become his mentor and Dell's chief operating officer.

Dell today has come a very long way from the small humble beginning that was PC's Limited. Today Dell is one of the largest computer vendors and technology corporations in the world. It is also very well acknowledged for its direct sales to consumes from their website all throughout the world, bringing convenience and efficiency straight to their customers doorstep. Dell also thrives on their specialty of providing "built-to-order" computers to their customers needs; a customer can visit the Dell website and then select options and specifications that best suit their needs and then confirm their purchase.


No computer vendor in the world would be complete without even putting a toe into the gaming scene. For Dell, this scene takes the form of Alienware. Alienware is a company that does computer products that are made with gaming in mind. They are unique as their design tends to have very alien and science fiction themes, hence their name Alienware. Even their product names have the alien and science fiction theme, like the Alienware Area-51 desktop computer.

Alienware started off as a separate company, but was then acquired by Dell in 2006. Alienware has since then become Dell's own gaming line of computer devices such as gaming laptops and gaming desktop computers. It is also because of this acquisition that we can enjoy Dell Malaysia's Alienware's awesome gaming products from all around the world as Dell help Alienware to better expand globally and also to develop products much better at lower operating costs.

So what makes Dell a good choice?

  • Direct to consumer sales. Let's face it: how many times have you purchased something from a middle man or a reseller, and then realized that they don't really know what they are doing. Or to put it simply: they are not as professional as you would like. Dell's direct to consumers sales via their website lets customers deal directly with Dell themselves! Nothing better than to actually deal with the company of the product than to go through a reseller of a product who doesn't quite give you the service. By dealing directly with Dell, you can be assured that the service will be top notch!
  • Need a laptop which has good-enough performance and a big large hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD)? Can't seem to find a company that sells a laptop with the exact specifications you want? Dell gives you that option to choose. With the built-to-order type of concept, Dell is able to cater to users of all kinds of use. Desktop and laptop computers are all able to be made to a specification desired by the customer.
  • Dell caters to two customer bases, both business and home users. They know what you need for your business, and they very well know what to provide you for your home computer uses too. Their family of work computers include the Dell Vostro and Dell Latitude line; and for their home computers, they include the Dell Inspiron and Dell XPS laptops, and of course lets not forget the Alienware line too.

The Computers

The wide range of Dell laptop computers, spanning different lines with their own unique names and specialty.

  • Dell Inspiron

    • Dell's work horse. If there was an army of laptops, there would ne no doubts that the Dell Inspiron laptops would be the main force. Inspiron laptops come in three different types, the 3000 series; the 5000 series; and the 7000 series. The laptops are all versatile for a combination of work and play. With Dell's build-to-order feature, you can also customize the specification of an Inspiron laptop to suit your use further.
  • Dell Vostro

    • If the Inspiron's the main force, the lieutenants are the Dell Vostro laptops. Meant to be ultraportable laptops secured with a fingerprint scanner, the Dell Vostro laptops are for the business users who need an ultraportable laptop that also packs a mean punch when the tasks requires it. They are also designed to be very slim and professional looking, to ensure your laptop fit nicely in a working environment - oh, let us not forget, it packs a built-in subwoofer so your music can have that little more bass.
  • Dell XPS

    • Quite possibly the most awesome thing ever: the world's smallest laptop packed with Dell's very own InfinityEdge display, a quad-HD display that minimizes the screen bezels to make it virtually look like the screen is borderless for maximum viewing. The XPS line of laptops are made to be high performance machines built into sleek premium laptop bodies.
  • Dell Latitude

    • Quite similar to the Dell Vostro in ultimatum - it is built for business use, but the Latitude does away with all kinds of "cool must haves" and goes for the functional side of things. With a few different series like the Inspiron, the Dell Latitude has many different specifications for many different uses - perhaps you just need a secure device to store and do your accounting, or maybe you are a designer who needs a little bit more power and some portability; regardless, the Dell Latitude is a secure and capable device for business needs.
  • Alienware

    • The big guns. The cavalry. The support. The striker. Alienware laptops and desktops are the ones you call on when you need to get a lot of heavy lifting done in stylish fashion. With only the best of the best in hardware specifications packed into state-of-the-art unique designs like the Area 51 desktop, Alienware computers are serious about having fun with games. Cool LED lighting? Check. Eye-catching design? Check. Awesome graphical performance? Check. Alienware devices are everything a gamer could ask for in a computer.

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