A brand that has all the Japanese beauty secrets to women and men, DHC is Japan's No. 1 direct skincare company that formulates dynamic health products and beauty collections. Find out why this Japanese brand’s products are based on Spanish olive oil here.


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After discovering an exceptional grade of olive oil from the Núñez de Prado groves in Baena, Spain, DHC owner Mr. Yoshiaki Yoshida learnt that the olive oil has positive effects on the skin and overall physical health. This gave Yoshida a vision as he saw the potential of making the world a healthier and more beautiful place with this extraordinary ingredient. Then in 1980, he started the DHC beauty enterprise in Japan with products formulated from olive oil.

How did DHC really came about?

DHC, a simplified form that stands for "Daigaku Honyaku Center" was an educational translation company in Japan in 1972 which aimed to become a leading provider of educational business materials. Unexpectedly, a discovery of an exceptional grade of olive oil from Spain led DHC’s owner Yoshida to foresee a potential for market growth and on making the world a more beautiful place. Thus, DHC began its venturing in the beauty industry.

In 1980, DHC beauty enterprise had only three very special products but the brand has since evolved into a dynamic health and beauty collection that now has hundreds of products. Today, DHC is a trusted provider of delicious foods, housewares, jewellery, intimate apparel and casual clothing, and is also proud to be among Japan's leading providers of nutritional supplements and beauty products.

Japan is famous for its stringent quality standards in skincare and DHC formulated products has fulfilled all these requirement, making it one of the most trusted brand in the market. DHC beauty products are a result of extensive research and development, as well as tailoring and expanding the line to suit the particular preferences and needs of its customers. Plant extracts, especially Asian botanicals, are used extensively in DHC formulations for their nourishing properties and are balanced by cutting-edge scientific research to create only the best, most effective and safest products.

Top products of the DHC line

With such a wide range of products available in the market now, here’s a list of DHC’s top products.

Listed as one of the top 10 best cleansing oils in the market (according to UK Independent), DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is one of the first brands that brought oil-based cleansers to the mass market in 1967 from Japan. Very affordable as compared to other luxurious cleansing oil brands, DHC’s best known product really is the real deal. With over 2000 users reviewed the product as 5-stars on its official site, this bottle of cleansing oil just works like a charm. As it is mainly formulated with olive oil with no additional fragrance or ingredients, it may be less luxurious feeling but it cleans up make-up, foundation and SPF very effectively. Just get one or two pumps of the oil into your dry hands and then massage it onto dry face, a perfect and easy way for a good thorough evening cleanse. After all are remove, wash off with water. The oil does not feel too oily for the skin; as it completely removes all traces of dirt with antioxidant-rich olive oil. Some might even mistake it for a hand soap that softens the hands if placed by the bathroom counter (keep your bottle away from clueless visitors!). Okay maybe people with oily skin might want to skip this but this product will not leave your skin any oilier than it already is. In fact, the cleanser is rich in antioxidants like olive and rosemary oils, and vitamin E, that all work together to help fight damage caused by free radicals. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil also conditions, nourishes and tones the skin. You can always wash your face with your regular, everyday cleanser afterwards if you are still perplexed by the idea of cleaning with oil.

DHC Velvet Skin Coat a makeup primer that instantly softens and improves the look of your skin. This primer also minimizes the look of fine lines, pores and imperfections while reducing shine to help makeup glide on and last longer. Is it said to be one of the best makeup base as your skin will not only look fresh and flawless, but also works well on its own to conceal unwanted flaws of the skin. You can also use it on hands and neck to hide fine wrinkles.

Besides products that can improve the outer beauty of a person, DHC also has food supplement products like the DHC Collagen Beauty 7000. As collagen supplements are formulated to make the skin more hydrated and restore the collagen levels in the body, with regular intake, our skin will also regain its elasticity and youthfulness.

Spreading Japanese beauty to the whole world

DHC began its global expansion in 1995 by bringing its products to other parts of the world like South Korea, Taiwan, Shanghai, France, Hong Kong, the US and Singapore. DHC products is now also widely available in many Asian countries and used by professional make-up artists and celebrities. Experience the secret of Japanese beauty with DHC here at iprice today!

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