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DHC 【Ready Stock】 Natural Vitamin E 60 days 天然维生素E 维他命E 日本 Japan
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🔥Ready Stock 现货🔥 ✅ALL Products are Authentic 全部商品都是正品✅ 🇯🇵本店所有日系商品都是由日本原装进口,不像市场上一般的香港/台湾版,或◯宝山寨版! ⭕️新货!新货!赏味期限:2021年8月 ⭕️New Stock! New Stock! Expiry Date : August 2021 DHC Vitamin E 60 Days DHC's Natural Vitamin E, Soybean contains 301.5mg per day of Natural d - α - tocopherol with the highest activity among vitamin E. Vitamin E improves circulation, is necessary in the repair of tissue, promotes normal blood clotting and healing, and can reduce scarring, too. It also helps prevent anemia, maintains healthy nerves and muscles, and promotes healthy skin and hair. Vitamin E is generally said to be a rejuvenating vitamin, and it is said to be useful for measures against coldness, including measures for beauty care. Because it is contained in pumpkin, nuts, fat and various oils, those who are dieting and concerned about calories are particularly prone to shortage. For maintaining youth, we recommend this supplement. 【Suitable For】 Those who care about dryness, cold constitution Those who tend to lack green-yellow vegetables Those who want to spend their mature age in health 【Dosage】 1 capsule/day, consume after meal. 【Volume】 60 capsules/pack - suitable for 60 days 【Ingredients】 Vitamin E Gelatin,Glycerin(Capsule Casing) DHC 维生素E 健康补助品 60天 DHC的“天然维生素E [大豆]”是使用维生素E当中活性最高的天然d-α-生育酚(d-α-Tocopherol),以每天301.5mg的含量配合。具有抗氧化作用,可增进肌肤与血球的健康,进而达到养颜美容、维持健康等功能,让您常保青春美丽。不饱和脂肪酸是构成细胞膜的重要成分,而脂溶性维他命E可以减少不饱和脂肪酸的氧化及自由基的产生,有助于维持细胞膜的完整性,是一款创造青春活力所不可或缺的重要维他命。 维生素E通常被认为是“恢复活力的维生素”,它可用于防止寒冷的措施以及美容护理措施。因为它含有很多南瓜,坚果,脂肪和油脂,所以饮食中担心卡路里的人特别容易缺乏。为了能拥有年轻般的健康身体,建议服用健康补助品来补充身体的不足。 【适合人群】 肌肤粗干、蔬果摄取不足、体质虚冷、更年期等人食用 【服用方法】 1粒/天,饭后服用 【内容量】 60粒/包 - 适合60天 【原材料】 维生素E 明胶,甘油(胶囊套管) #dhc #vitaminE #Vitamin #Supplement #supplements #japan #日本 #维他命 #维他命E #维生素 #维生素E

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