Changing diapers may need a bit of practice and proper equipment. Yes, we are not kidding, with suitable gear, diaper duty will be so much easier. Have a look at the variety of Diapering products and click here to learn how to be a diaper-changing pro.


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Prepare and stock up your very own diapering station at iprice Singapore

Diapering Singapore: What makes a good diapering station?

Diaper duty is a dirty (and sometimes messy!) job, but with some diaper essentials at your diapering station, hopefully it will be an easier task. Make your diaper duty easier with the right essentials, setup a functional, safe and toddler friendly diapering station with the following supplies. Must haves at the diaper station especially in the first few months of your toddler’s life. Be prepared with all the pees and poos (you’ve been warned).

  • Dresser or desk - Height should be high enough so that when you are changing, you are not hunching (trust us, your back will thank you for that), make sure that it is a sturdy station as your baby will be tossing and turning (battling with the new diaper). A safety strap like a belt is highly recommended.
  • Diapers – arrange disposable diapers neatly within hands reach by the station, take them out of their packaging so you won’t be scrambling to open the plastic bag when your baby is on the table of the station.
  • Wipes – purchase in bulks and place them in a container that is stable (meaning it won’t topple off when you pull the wipes out), take note on the wipes supple (it will run out sooner than you think), always keep extra supply, they will last for a long time.
  • Pacifiers or interesting toys – time to play the game of distracting, keep things that will make your baby forget that they’re being change
  • Creams – diaper ointment, rash creams will keep your baby’s bottom free of rashes, do select those that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic
  • Extra set of clothing – place a few easy-on pyjamas at the changing station in case the original outfit gets messy while in the process of changing
  • Diaper dustbin – get one that has a lid and a foot-pedalled one so you can care for your baby with both hands. The lid also keeps smell and mess intact, throw out at the end of every day.

Tips on how to change a diaper

When your baby is in a good mood and you have all the right essentials within hand reach, a diaper change can be easy. Here’s how to make it easier and be a diaper-changing pro.

Firstly, always wash your hands before changing a diaper. Inspect the diaper and try to swipe off as much poop as possible with the remaining clean parts of the soiled diaper before chucking it to the bin.

Then, wipe off excess with baby wipes or lukewarm water gently and remember to clean the creases and pat dry with a clean and soft cloth.

Sing songs, shake the rattle, play peekaboo or give your baby his/her favourite item to distract them, this will keep them from wriggling away from you while you’re still changing. Place a cloth on baby boys penis to prevent unintentional sprays.

Apply some cream or ointment to prevent diaper rash and dress them immediately to avoid catching a cold. Then, remember to again wash your hands thoroughly.

If your baby throws a fit at the station, try changing them at different locations once in a while like the floor, bathroom, kitchen counter by placing a thick towel on the surface.

And just be prepared for anything!