Diapering is an essential part of parenthood. As much as we dread cleaning baby’s bum, we have to do it. Here are some baby accessories that you will need when changing your little one’s diaper.

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Diaper changing – It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it

There are many tasks in life that we may not be keen on doing. Think about it; taking out the trash, cleaning our car, washing dishes – all are activities that we generally try to minimize. But once a child comes along, all these chores seem to be a breeze compared to changing your baby’s diaper. As parents, we all know the feeling of removing a soiled diaper, cleaning baby’s bum, putting on a new diaper, and instantly having to replace it again thanks to baby’s second round of poop. Thankfully, we have all we need to successfully keep the baby clean and smelling fresh. Here are some baby accessories that go along with your diapering process.

Diaper changing mats

Alright, the first step to changing your baby’s nappy is to NOT PANIC. Next, choose a place to set up your changing area. It should be a safe area, preferably a flat surface without any restrictions. If you’re in a public place, look for specific baby rooms for the diaper change. Place the diaper-changing mat on the surface and lay your toddler with his/her back to the floor. Only then can you begin to remove the diaper, wash and freshen the entire area.

So what type of changing mat should you use? Most changing mats for babies are soft, rectangular in shape and have little cute designs on them. If you have a mat without designs, you could always get a soft, fluffy cover for the mat. Some brands in Singapore you may want to consider include Baby’s Journey, Bryson, and Chicco.

Baby wash/wipes

Here comes the messy part. Your love for your child is tested when you literally have to clean his/her bum. For this, you have the option of using either baby wash or baby wipes. When on-the-go baby wipes become the perfect choice. They are easy to store and can be used for multiple purposes, such as cleaning your hands after a meal. These wet tissues offer a smooth clean along with a fresh scent. It is recommended to use 2-3 tissues at most during the cleaning process. Remember to close the lid on the baby wipes’ packaging so it does not dry out. Once you’ve cleaned out baby’s bottom, discard the baby wipes and let your child sit for a minute to dry.

Talcum powder

Now to finish off the diapering process. Once your child is nice and dry, whip out your baby talcum powder and dust the bottom area with the soothing powder. Don’t be stingy on the use of powder. Powder prevents diaper rash and many other types of discomfort that may occur due to excessive moisture trapped in that area. Some powders are antiseptic and antibacterial so you won’t have to worry about infections.

Also have on standby, items such as baby ointment, baby lotion, and other creams to coat on your child’s soft skin in case of rashes or mosquito bites. Carry all these items in a diaper bag when out and about and you will find diapering as an easy and fun task in childcare.