Every parent can attest to baby’s needing plenty of diaper changes. Get the best changing covers in Singapore and read below on places you can use it.


Places you can use a changing cover

It is essential to have a changing table when you have a baby. The best place to have your baby’s diapers changed is somewhere safe and has a good height to save the stress on your back. Many people do not have the luxury of having a nursery room at home. Thankfully, furniture such as a dressing table can be converted into a place for a diaper change. Here are a few places you can utilize a changing cover.


A desk’s height is just right to make a good changing table. Although, it would be ideal if the desk has raised edges that will keep your baby safe and not roll off. It would be better if you manage to find a desk that come with shelves underneath, as it can serve as a storing compartment for the diapers, baby wipes, changing covers and other essential items that are needed when changing a baby. The desk changing table should have a smooth finish and not be old dry wood. To add to the extra comfort for the baby, place a thick changing cover on the desk.

Changing pad

Utilising a changing pad is an efficient way of changing a baby’s diaper anywhere in the house. To keep the pad clean, simply place the changing cover on top of it. Another benefit of a changing pad is that it is travel-friendly and is small enough to be packed in a diaper bag. Since you are no longer tied to a changing table there is a lot more freedom to bring your baby to more places.


Most dressers make an excellent changing table as it is flat enough to place the changing covers. To ensure it does not slip, make use of a double-sided tape to keep it in place. For further precaution, attach the dresser to the wall with a metal L-bracket and screws, as it will prevent it from being pulled over by a clinging toddler. It is also the ideal storing space for all the diapers, lotions, wipes, powder and all the other necessities that your baby needs for a diaper change. An additional benefit of the dresser is that it can be used for its original purpose once your children have grown up.


Even though the floor is not the ideal place for a diaper change, you may place a changing pad with a cover on top as a substitute to a changing table. Babies tend to be very wriggly, so even if they roll around, chances of them getting injured on the floor will be very slim. On the other hand, it is not so good for you as you will need to be kneeling or crouching while changing the diaper. This is more of a temporary solution rather than a permanent changing station.

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