If you think that diaper bags are only for diapers, then you my friend do not know anything about how a bag can save your life when you are with a baby. Want to know more? Read on to find out.


Diaper Bag Singapore: A must have for every new parents

Diaper Bag Singapore: Allowing you to bring your baby out without any hassle

Bringing your baby for a ride or just anywhere out of the house is like directing your own action adventure movie. There are just so many things that might go wrong. Will you be able to reach for a clean pacifier before your baby makes a scene with one hand? How sure are you that the baby chair at the local café is clean enough for your baby? And can you fold down the changing table in the baby room and get down to business without letting your precious on or your diaper bag touch the filthy floor? With the right diaper bag, you can be a hero is just about any situation.

Diaper Bag Singapore: For the Supermoms everywhere

When you are with a little child, other than the stroller, cribs, play pen, and car seats, you would surely have a diaper bag. This must have bags among parents who are with little munchkins are designed for hauling baby paraphernalia wherever they go. It should be able to fit everything you’ll need to take care of a baby outside your comfort zone – whether it’s for the emergency ‘poopoo’ change at grandma’s or cleaning up after your child puked all over the car seat.

But do you really know what you need in your little adventurous bag? Putting together a diaper bag may feel like packing for a whole long vacation. Use this checklist to make sure you are fully fuelled to take on the world or your baby.

  • Diapers: taking more than what you need, for it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Sanitizers and baby wipes: you might never know what microorganism dwells in the baby chair, changing table, or even on your hand.
  • Barrier cream or diaper-rash cream
  • Several cloth diapers or other napkins for mess, burps or spit-ups
  • An extra pair of socks, t-shirt, pants for the baby and for you
  • Baby sunblock
  • Milk bottles with extra nipples
  • A comfort toy
  • Baby snacks, food, and a spoon
  • A bib to make sure eating time is never messy.
  • Extra pacifiers
  • An index card with important numbers
  • A changing pad
  • Water and snacks for yourself
  • A book to keep you sane
  • Extra plastic bags: for soil clothes, used diapers, or dirty bibs

Don’t be shocked, all these items can fit into ONE bag.

Diaper Bag Singapore: Things you need in a diaper bag

Diaper changes away from home is not always an easy task and for someone who is obviously sleep deprived, getting something wrong when you are out with your child will send your brain into a tailspin. To avoid that from happening, here are some thing that you must keep an eye on when you are out shopping for a diaper bag.

Your first consideration must always be storage. It must not only have the capacity to carry everything you need but also perfect structured compartment to organize everything.
Ease of Use
There will always be that one time when you have to put your kid on the public changing table but you forgot to bring out the diapers or the rash cream out beforehand. When only one of your hand is available to dig through your bag, retrieving it without breaking a sweat would be a total holy grail. You would want a bag where you can clearly see what is inside without having to guess what you are touching in a black hole.
Fit and Style
Since you are the one that is going to be carrying the bag around, make sure to find something that would also suit your personality and style. And your husband would not be overly comfortable lugging around a feminine bag that is filled with flowers, lace or even pink in colour so finding something that is gender-neutral would surely help.

      Now, with all this help, taking your kid out with a fully equipped bag would be a total walk in the park. Get your diaper bags from Moonar, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Sanwood and Disney.