Cloth Diaper covers in Singapore can be simply used under your baby’s diaper to prevent any leaks and help hold in mess. Check out the different types of cloth diaper covers below.

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Cloth Diaper Covers

Different types of cloth diaper covers

Cloth diaper covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Parents use it as an accessory to add to their baby’s outfits and also to cover up the unsightly diapers. Read on to learn about the different types of cloth diaper covers and its benefits.

Cotton diaper cover

Commonly known as the pre-fold diaper, it is one of the oldest kinds of diapers that our grandparents have probably used. Cotton diapers are much affordable compared to the commercialized ones plus it is a much more economical diapering approach, although it may not be as convenient. Pre-folds are typically rectangular in shape and flat which can be folded into any desired shape before it is fastened onto a baby. The advantages of these are that they are extremely versatile, easy to clean and dry.

Fitted cloth diaper cover

Most fitted cloth diaper covers have multiple layers of absorbent material and can be fastened with snaps, hooks or loop closures. The outer layer is usually not waterproof but can be used over a diaper to prevent any accidents from happening. Utilising this diaper is much more efficient than a cotton diaper as it already has an hourglass shape and does not require any folding. As your baby grows, it is required for you to buy larger ones as it comes in various sizes. On the other hand, there are certain brands that utilize snaps on the front, so that your baby can grow into the diaper. The biggest advantage of the diaper is that it contains leaks better due to the elastic lining.

Pocket diaper cover

These diapers have actually been around longer than the cloth diapers and can be dated back to hundreds or maybe even thousands of years ago. The typical pocket diaper is made up of a waterproof cover that has a polyester lining that acts as a pocket between the lining and the cover. An absorbent pad or pre-fold can be simply inserted into the pocket. However, it can be quite bulky and poorly fitted. On the plus side, different kinds of absorbency can be added into the pockets and are relatively simple to fasten on a baby.

All-in-one cloth diaper cover

Having a similar functionality to the pocket diaper, the all-in-one diaper consists of a set of absorbency layers that are sewn inside of an outer waterproof cover. Many parents opt for these as it comes in handy for quick changes and has become a component in their approach to diapering. For overnight uses, an extra diaper can be added inside. It is a good choice that can be used in almost any situation due to the sheer simplicity of the design.

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